A start of many more: Potipot, Zambales

Potipot Island, Uacon Zambales (2009)

This trip gave birth to the wanderlust in me.

Armed with a meager Php. 2,000, we boarded the Victory Liner bus in Caloocan to Zambales.

As far as I can remember, we left at around 4am on a Saturday. It was supposedly 10pm the night before but unfortunately, the bus left us. We arrived in Zambales with the sun shining already, at around 8am.

Accommodation: Alta Nina Resort in Cauyan Zambales

Rate: Php1,500/night for 4 pax which excludes breakfast

Food: No worries about the food though. You can ask the caretaker/s to cook for your family and friends. Or, you can opt to buy from the nearby market and cook by yourself.

Expenses: Since this was a long time ago, I think you would just have to allot money for bus ride (Php1000), accommodation (Php500), food (Php500) and I think you’ll survive with just Php 2000.

The cheap thrill that is Potipot.

Go forth and find new places to discover 🙂


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