Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin

Finally finished this book which has been with me to numerous places already – by the beach, on the plane, in a boat, while looking at hot air balloons and so forth. 

I actually saw my sister reading this, and yes, she is married so all the more that I got curious what the book has to offer with a title that kind of says it all.

However, reading this has helped me contemplate on my personal life in so many ways. I guess all of us would have, at one point or another, been struck by the what-might-have-beens or could-have-beens of life. Yet, this defies the very basic belief that everything happens for a reason. Where we are right now is a product of our actions and of a greater plan carefully written by God. 

Love, yes, it is not surging passion, for that kind of emotion is fleeting, changing and never constant. Love is always a choice and it takes a brave soul to decide and stick with it. 


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