I’ve been excessively H-A-P-P-Y the past couple of days for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Is it because an avocado a day makes me visit the toilet everyday? So literally, all the bad stuff goes down the drain. Possible ba yun?

So I had to Google it — not avocado making me happy but avocado being a nutritious fruit.

My equation is: Avocado nutritious fruit + healthy me = happy Eunice

I’ve never been that good with equations and all but I think you got what I mean. 🙂

Here’s what I found:

Interesting di’ba? To think I’ve been snacking on this since last week. To sum it up, here are some benefits of my “current” favorite thing in the world from my online source:

  1. Avocado is often said to be the most nutritious fruit in the world – and it is! The fruit provides more than 25 essential nutrients such as protein, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium, just to name a few.
  2. Vitamin C (necessary for the production of collagen needed for the growth of new cells and tissues, prevents viruses from penetrating cell membranes, and also a powerful anti-oxidant), thiamine (converts carbohydrates to glucose to fuel the brain and nervous system), and riboflavin (helps the body to release energy from proteins, carbohydrates and fat).
  3.  It helps in the absorption of nutrients that are fat-soluble such as beta-carotene and lutein, when foods containing these nutrients are eaten with avocado.
  4. Overall, avocado is considered a complete food: it has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calories and fiber, no cholesterol, and is sodium free. As such, avocado is ideal for growing up children, adults and even for babies, especially when blended with other fruits. For athletes, avocado is a nutritious energy booster to rev up the body’s strength. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF:
  5. In the past, avocado has been considered to be an aphrodisiac. (Yun yun e!)

Go and enjoy your avocado, aka “alligator pear” 🙂


It’s a www. world

I’ve succumbed to the lure that is Twitter.

Well I’ve had one since 2009. My 1st tweet was 2010 and last Sunday, I started to hype on it and boom, it got me.

Now, my online repertoire has become really complicated.

Opened tabs are Facebook – Tumblr – Twitter and of course, there’s gotta be YM. I still don’t dig in to Facebook chatting.

From 10am to 8pm, office mail still takes center stage. 

I used to say that virtual life is no life at all.

Look who’s talking now? 

Wait ‘til I get hooked to Flicker or what have yous.

You just gotta say it when you feel it

I had a good laugh with a colleague today.

He was sharing some bits and pieces about his relationships, then and now.

But the highlight of the conversation would have to be this – his first girl friend way back in high school.

To this day he believes that he was charmed with a love potion by taking a sip from the girl’s Coleman. 🙂

After a few months, the spell died down so he found himself really, really wanting to let loose.

So, being young, the only escape was to get school work in the way.

His exact line for freedom was:

“I’m sorry but I have to focus on my Noli Me Tangere*”

Then and there I fell on the floor. What the hell?!



Noli Me Tangere (Touch me Not), is a Spanish-language novel written by the Philippine National Hero, José Rizal, that is credited with the awakening of nationalism among the Filipinos of Rizal’s time.

The Philippine education system has required schools to include Noli Me Tangere and Rizal’s other novel, El Filibusterismo, as part of the curriculum.

Gave Harry Potter a try

My usual self would say no to something that everyone likes. The reason why I never watched Harry Potter, why I didn’t fall gaga over Twilight.


I finally succumbed to my boyfriend’s persistency. I gave in to Harry Potter and ended up watching all 7 of it in 3 days. Wow, I didn’t know this series was so addicting.

In no time, I got enveloped in the world that is Hogwarts, of tongue binding spells, of love potions, of Quidditch and You-Know-Who.

I guess it brings out the geek in me. And I’m thinking of pushing this geekiness a little further.


What if I read all 7 books?

What ya think?

Monday morning, what am I thinking?

Everyday, I find myself looking for cheap travel deals, googling interesting places to visit and waiting for seat sales. I think I’ve become a travelholic, if there’s such a thing.

And maybe I am, maybe I am not. But here I am asking Google, “Is There Such A Thing As Travel Addiction?” Haha 🙂

I stumbled on to this:

21 tell-tale signs and see if you are, in fact, a travel addict!

1. Your travel bucket list is 4 pages long

2. Coming home is more like a vacation from traveling

3. On your home-ward flight, you’re already planning your next trip

4. Once home, you’re already booking your next trip

5. Staying in the same place for more than one week makes you fidgety

6. Films make you want to travel

7. Books make you want to travel

8. Music makes you want to travel

9. Every day brings a new destination idea

10. You work to fund your next trip

11. 9 to 5 makes you feel like you’re in prison

12. You don’t wait around for people but take off on your own

13. Thinking about all the places you haven’t been makes you feel anxious

14. When you’re not traveling you fantasize about traveling

15. You say you could stop traveling whenever you want

16. You’re happiest on the road

17. You’re constantly counting countries and continents

18. Booking flights gives you an amazing high

19. The high street in your hometown plunges you into despair

20. You’ve tried living a stationary life many times but you always fall off the wagon

21. Your parents have suggested you seek professional help

Haha so I guess I’m still a little sane but on the verge of getting there!