Monday morning, what am I thinking?

Everyday, I find myself looking for cheap travel deals, googling interesting places to visit and waiting for seat sales. I think I’ve become a travelholic, if there’s such a thing.

And maybe I am, maybe I am not. But here I am asking Google, “Is There Such A Thing As Travel Addiction?” Haha 🙂

I stumbled on to this:

21 tell-tale signs and see if you are, in fact, a travel addict!

1. Your travel bucket list is 4 pages long

2. Coming home is more like a vacation from traveling

3. On your home-ward flight, you’re already planning your next trip

4. Once home, you’re already booking your next trip

5. Staying in the same place for more than one week makes you fidgety

6. Films make you want to travel

7. Books make you want to travel

8. Music makes you want to travel

9. Every day brings a new destination idea

10. You work to fund your next trip

11. 9 to 5 makes you feel like you’re in prison

12. You don’t wait around for people but take off on your own

13. Thinking about all the places you haven’t been makes you feel anxious

14. When you’re not traveling you fantasize about traveling

15. You say you could stop traveling whenever you want

16. You’re happiest on the road

17. You’re constantly counting countries and continents

18. Booking flights gives you an amazing high

19. The high street in your hometown plunges you into despair

20. You’ve tried living a stationary life many times but you always fall off the wagon

21. Your parents have suggested you seek professional help

Haha so I guess I’m still a little sane but on the verge of getting there!


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