Really is, “Crazy Stupid Love”

Gel and I went out for a movie date last night. He actually surprised me with tickets to, lo and behold, Crazy Stupid Love. Akalain mo?! 🙂

I had a really good laugh since the comedy wasn’t pilit at all. Nothing to be surprised since you have Steve Carell and Emma Stone who I deeply love. 🙂 Plus, Julianne Moore’s there who seems to be really prolific nowadays. Gel was waiting for her to undress, since that’s what we’ve been seeing on her films lately. Haha but no! This is kind of wholesome. 🙂

But dang, Ryan Gosling, you are really a charmer! He’s got the best fashion taste (well, thanks to stylists). He also has this boyish yet manly look which I cannot explain.


 I’d probably pass out if he gives me this stare from across the room.

And this, well if I was Emma Stone, I’d be more than willing to do this over and over just for the heck of! Haha.

So go and see it for a good laugh and some little sobs. 

Perfect movie date, I tell you. 🙂


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