My path to purchase

I always tell myself to “invest on experiences and not on things.”

That’s why my trusty iPod which I’ve had since the iPod was the “it” item is still with me. That’s why I do not own an Hermes or LV bag that will be scrutinized if real or not when I parade with it. That’s why I don’t really care about labels on my clothes or designer brands on my soles.

Because these things come and go, yet there’s no joy like seeing places for the first time. No fun like not being able to read street signs and babble like a kid in a foreign language. No memories painted so vivid, photos and laughters more amazing than the bliss of a much-deserved vacation.

True enough, I found this article from Time: Want Happiness? Don’t Buy More Stuff — Go on Vacation

Cheers to more experiences whose talk value won’t diminish when the BB’s will look like mere 5110s  🙂

Sail away!


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