Life is a journey, not a race

Did you know that in Japanese, there is a term known as “karoshi,” which actually means death by overwork? 

Today, I saw a video that spurred this thought about work-life balance. Some glaring figures of how many kids never really get to see their parents before they sleep. That the Japanese sleep 2 hours less than the rest of the world since they work 12+ hours per day. An X percent of young professionals would rather have more holidays than higher pay. And hold on tight, a person would normally spend 26 years with a workmate but an average of only 2 solid years with a loved one?  

Oh yeah, time has become a commodity. We are all spinning around in our own fast paced bubbles. I am a little guilty of this. Sometimes, I walk around like a zombie, doing a project list in my head, thinking of who I need to call the moment I settle or the first thing I’d e-mail once I open my laptop. I look at competitive activities, even while on a trip. I open my office e-mail even on Sunday nights. Yeah, I’m a little crazy like that.

Again we have to remind ourselves, we work to live and not live to work. A friend of mine once told me this advice which comes in pretty handy:

(1) Get it done.

(2) Get the money.

(3) Go home (or Go Party).

And like what I’ve been telling everyone, let’s enjoy the ride 🙂


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