Geek Attack: History

I remember weird things – from trivial childhood experiences to some lessons we had way back. 

One very vivid thing is on Philippine history about this particular man, Narciso Claveria. I’ve often brought this up in conversations about surnames and hometowns. When I go to a province, I try to see the pattern – this town is filled with Bautistas, Bacays, and all the other B-starting surnames. This is because I remember that Narciso Claveria, once a Governor-General issued a decree on surnames and assigning each town with a particular one, often starting with the same letter.

I mumble these things and often get a confused look from listeners. Why the hell am I the only person who remembers this? Is it because my best friend’s surname is Narciso, hence the association? But i bet she doesn’t remember this history lesson as well.

To satisfy my curiosity and check the fact, I turned to Google 🙂 Too bad my grade school history books have long been gone!

Here’s what I found:


See! See?

Now wait ‘til I get hold of the pattern! I was thinking, is it A for those up North in Batanes?


Thank God for testers!

It was an aimless strolling at the Mall last weekend. So with no definite plan in mind and no cash to burn, I hit the stores for one thing and one thing alone, try out products! 🙂

1. MAC lipsticks!

I’ve been scouting for red lipsticks (blame Anne Curtis) and reading through blogs, looks like MAC’s Russian Red and Ruby Woo are the top picks. Love the matte of Ruby Woo! 🙂 The color is also purrr-fect and it stayed on pretty well. I heard it’s been out of stock for quite a while and lucky me for having chance upon it. Then again, I don’t have cash so you gotta wait right thurr!

2. Body Shop Red Scarlet

I am no expert so I think this one’s pretty cool too though I haven’t heard people recommending it yet so I tried it just because. 🙂

3. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy

Yeah you got it right. Gardeners!!! This spells intense callous and dry hands yata?! 🙂 I read a review on this from Kaycee’s Blog and had to try it for myself. It’s supposedly recommended for those over-worked hands, not that I garden or mow the lawn, well I type most of the time? Haha! Does that even count? Anyway, ang tigas lang talaga ng hands ko and I don’t even do anything?! So I saw Crabtree & Evelyn’s kiosk in Trinoma and tried it on. Worked like magic!!! It has no scent but I felt my “pang-mayaman” hands in seconds! 🙂 Well, it came in this big pump since the small tube isn’t available and it costs like P2,000! Whutda! So I told the saleslady it wouldn’t fit my bag eh! Haha 🙂

4. Body Shop Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream

Just gave it a try since the saleslady was so “bibo.” Smells good, who would go wrong with almond? It costs around P800 bucks but comparing it with Crabtree & Evelyn’s priced at P1,000, I think I’ll go with the latter.

I had a fun stroll testing all these products, ‘til next time! 🙂

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Yey! I finished another book. Bought this one from Vietnam last May and only found time to read it on weekends and today ‘coz work was called off. This is now a motion picture and I can remember that its DVD’s been sitting in my mom’s collection for quite a while – good thing I didn’t watch it even if my favorite girl since Dakota Fanning, Abegail Breslin was in it. 

It was my first time to read a Picoult and I must say I enjoyed her writing. 

They say there’s no bond like sisters. I pretty know for sure. I’ve been sharing a room with my sister since we were kids up until she got married. We dreamt together, shared stories while gazing up our glow-in-the-dark star-filled ceiling before hitting the sack. Our 4-year gap never really was a gap. So knowing how it is to have and love a sister, I kind of related with the story.

However, more than a story about sisters, this is a story about a family and the choices each one makes that affect the whole. In this case, it’s whether to grant a 13-year old kid, Anna Fitzgerald, medical emancipation from her parents to keep her from donating her kidney to her dying older sister, Kate, who she has been helping all her life to survive. The power of this novel is how this conflict is seen from different perspectives, from each of the family members, the counsel and the guardian ad litem. In the end, I never really got to figure out who had the best point or what’s really right or wrong. You can’t really blame her mom for putting her through this to save the other kid’s life, nor the dad for letting it just happen and Anna for wanting to break free.

I guess no matter what decisions they make, it’s important to note that they made it out of love, thinking that this is the best for everyone even if it means sacrificing a little something.

“There are always sides. There is always a winner and a loser. For every person who gets, there’s someone who must give. ” 

It’s a B&W Wedding

Gah! I can’t believe I’m actually looking at wedding motifs. A girl can dream 🙂

A Black & White Wedding actually looks cool. See, it paints a pretty picture of how your married life will be. It’s black or white, no gray or in-between! Sublime!

Coz I always wanted a summer wedding, I’ll never be a June bride – let’s bring out those umbrellas

Me and my girls will make a kick ass wedding! 

The little girls can wear these booties and look so fab

Reception = Perfection

Table set-up is just so classy

This is not a bouquet, right? Or it’s for the table? Haha looks pretty either way.

The cake looks like a jewel

The Bride’s Lair

I’d probably get a black Labrador before I get married just so he can wear a bow tie. Ang cute!

And the groom, of course should be so fasyyooon! (fashion)

Thanks for the super nice pictures which I got from Beautiful Weddings.

Super nice site 🙂

You win some, you lose some

Pretty much applies to everything there is in life. From good deals, opportunities, to people, to friends. Since we can’t have it all and the universe knows the beauty in balance – you win some, you lose some.

Friendster was the social network that gave birth to all social networks, methinks. When I was still my teeny self, the number of friends I had on my list mattered. Quantity over quality. It was a popularity game. Like a poll, I had to rule. The hell if I didn’t know this person, s/he was part of the head count. 

With Facebook now, I’ve become more discriminating. I do not accept invites from people I don’t know. More so, I’ve come into the habit of checking my list and weed out from time to time. There’s no need to prove anything to anyone. 

I guess this reflects the state I am in which I’d like to believe is pretty universal to people my age. We’re in our quarter life. This is a ripe age for us to know that in having friends, quality matters. 

Honestly, I feel that I am less friendly right now. I rarely go out of my way to make friends. A stark difference from how I was in my previous life. Somehow, I think that I’ve become so assured of the friends I keep so there really is no need to pressure myself to make so much more. As I’ve progressed in life, I’ve become more certain of the cliques I want to keep and those that I can live without.  

Of course, there are new people, new friends, the thought of which reminds me that one is never really old to stop making friends. People will still amaze you in a way or two. But somewhere along the journey, there’s a realization that the childhood friend and I don’t jive, that a classmate for the longest time is like a stranger now. 

Uh-huh. New friendships formed and old friends relegated to mere acquaintances. That’s life!

So what if you just have 10 friends? As long as these guys are 10 good friends who’d stick with you through thick and thin instead of 5,000 friends whose last names you don’t even know.