It’s a B&W Wedding

Gah! I can’t believe I’m actually looking at wedding motifs. A girl can dream 🙂

A Black & White Wedding actually looks cool. See, it paints a pretty picture of how your married life will be. It’s black or white, no gray or in-between! Sublime!

Coz I always wanted a summer wedding, I’ll never be a June bride – let’s bring out those umbrellas

Me and my girls will make a kick ass wedding! 

The little girls can wear these booties and look so fab

Reception = Perfection

Table set-up is just so classy

This is not a bouquet, right? Or it’s for the table? Haha looks pretty either way.

The cake looks like a jewel

The Bride’s Lair

I’d probably get a black Labrador before I get married just so he can wear a bow tie. Ang cute!

And the groom, of course should be so fasyyooon! (fashion)

Thanks for the super nice pictures which I got from Beautiful Weddings.

Super nice site 🙂


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