Geek Attack: History

I remember weird things – from trivial childhood experiences to some lessons we had way back. 

One very vivid thing is on Philippine history about this particular man, Narciso Claveria. I’ve often brought this up in conversations about surnames and hometowns. When I go to a province, I try to see the pattern – this town is filled with Bautistas, Bacays, and all the other B-starting surnames. This is because I remember that Narciso Claveria, once a Governor-General issued a decree on surnames and assigning each town with a particular one, often starting with the same letter.

I mumble these things and often get a confused look from listeners. Why the hell am I the only person who remembers this? Is it because my best friend’s surname is Narciso, hence the association? But i bet she doesn’t remember this history lesson as well.

To satisfy my curiosity and check the fact, I turned to Google 🙂 Too bad my grade school history books have long been gone!

Here’s what I found:


See! See?

Now wait ‘til I get hold of the pattern! I was thinking, is it A for those up North in Batanes?


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