For One More Day by Mitch Albom

Every Mitch Albom book I ever read, I read in one sitting. He writes so simply yet he manages to make his story engaging making you want to go and finish the entire thing.

For One More Day is a story about a son, his mother and second chances.

Ask yourself, “Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever?”

A lot of us fall for this trap. We think people are immortal and it dumbfounds us when they’re gone the next day. I felt this true for my grandmother. She lived with us for as long as I can remember. There were times that she’d engage me into a conversation but like almost everyone, I was too busy to let it linger.  I wasn’t even able to ask what her parents’ names were. And as I try to scan both digital and the classic bulky photo albums, a picture of us together is something I cannot find. 😦 This makes me feel ashamed. I have like a million photos, I even have one with Batista, how come none with my grandma?!

My favorite device on this book is how Mitch Albom sporadically inserted Charley’s (lead character) vignettes on: 

Times My Mother Stood Up for Me

Times I Did Not Stand Up for My Mother

This pretty much paints a picture of something that we can all agree to — that the former would often outnumber the latter at any child’s life. Our moms, well, they can drive us crazy, and times it can be true, ”Children get embarrassed by their parents.” However, no matter how much we push them further with our stubbornness and cold hearts, they’re like elastics that would go no other way but back.

When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.


Superficial guys. Please!

Ex-boyfriend when I was dumb at 16 sent an SMS a few weeks back:

GUY: Kita ko yung birthday ni _____. Ang taba mo na, pinakita ko kay (his best friend) sabi, si (my name) ba yan?!

ME: Ah talaga? Yeah, tumaba na kaming lahat, ikaw na lang natirang ganyan. (Because he still looks like Fido Dido til now – the hair and the built.)

Tonight, he popped again:

GUY: Mataba ka na talaga ngayon? Haha! Wala lang.

ME: Baka? The last time you saw me teen pa ko so don’t expect me to have a body like a teen. (Borrowed words from Geli :))

GUY: Yuck di ka na sexy!

ME: Thank God hindi na kita boyfriend! 🙂 

Lintek! What was I thinking being with this person? Hahahaha! 

Don’t let a guy pull you down, if at all, pull him down with you. Kiddin. :p

Good riddance!

Once upon a time I wished for these

I stumbled on to this: my birthday wish list 6 years back.


I was 19. In college. Wanting. Dreaming.

1. Born Lippy from Body Shop 

2. Havaianas slippers

3. a big belt

4. a big colored planner from Papemelroti

5. a Nike bag

6. a sexy bikini

7. a red G-string

8. a nice top from People R People or F&H

9. Moonflower Cologne from Body Shop also

10. Tommy Girl Perfume Summer Collection

11. a gold or silver bag

12. Birk slippers

13. Happy Feet sandals

14. A big box of Ferrero Rocher

15. an Ipod nano

16. a new fone

17. a laptop

18. memory stick

19. Digicam

20. Handycam

Let me write it down again with a little remark from the “me” now.

1. Born Lippy from Body Shop – So over my “Born Lippy” days, I want a Burt’s Bees now.

2. Havaianas slippers – 2 pairs have died on me, I’m actually on the search for a trusty pair.

3. a big belt – Crochet belts are my thing now.

4. a big colored planner from Papemelroti – with meetings lined-up every hour and my long list of to do’s for sure ‘di na kasya ang life ko in a Papemelroti planner. Thank God for Belle de Jour. (Well, medyo sawa na din ako sa BDJ. Crap! Pano na?)

5. a Nike bag – Well, I don’t really know if I still want a Nike bag. I think way back, it’s for quick overnight getaways, I need a luggage now! 🙂

6. a sexy bikini – “Sexy” talaga? I might be when I was 19, haha! I’ve got these piling up my drawer. Ok na ko for now. 

7. a red G-string – “Red” talaga? I don’t think I have a red or ever had one. But sure have a lot. Haha!

8. a nice top from People R People or F&H – Do I even go to People R People or F&H? Super teenager choice :p

9. Moonflower Cologne from Body Shop – I have a J&J Regular Cologne and I happily splash it on before I sleep. Besides, phase-out na I think yung Moonflower.

10. Tommy Girl Perfume Summer Collection – I have a Banana Rep at present, D&G Light Blue coming back this December. Yey!

11. a gold or silver bag – Brand less ha! Very good! I can still remember that period when everyone was into gold and silver. Now, pwede LV or Longchamp na lang? Haha!

12. Birk slippers – I do not know why I wished for this. Gusto ko yata mag-medyas with Birk. White socks to be exact :p

13. Happy Feet sandals – Bought and clueless where it is now.

14. A big box of Ferrero Rocher – Move over Ferrero Rocher ‘coz I’m into Royce now. 🙂 Pero yummy ka pa din.

15. an Ipod nano – I still have one and working perfectly fine.

16. a new fone – had one last February, ok pa ko unless an iPhone 4S, a BB or a S2 miraculously land on my lap!?!

17. a laptop – my trusty Mac, powerful pa 🙂

18. memory stick – I now have a 1 TB HD, wow! Technology! Dati, I wanted a stick lang?? I think the 1st one I got was 128MB! Haha!

19. digi cam – I’ve a DSLR now which I wanna upgrade sometime soon. 

20. handycam – I can live without 🙂 I wished for this before coz we were always interviewing people or shooting videos.

Funny looking at my list. 
Materialistic kid! Haha! 

I guess the realization there is that, we always have to be thankful of anything and everything 🙂

What we have now is just one of the many things we wished for before.

Of Puppets and Theaters

One of the rare times I turn the TV on and I chance upon “Storyline,” a late night show in ABS-CBN.


Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio, Mother of Philippine Puppetry. 

I didn’t know there was even one.

She’s 81 now.

There’s a theater and museum named after her, built under FVR’s government.

I hope her daughter and granddaughter continues puppetry.

I hope the theater and museum would never close down.

Good story. 

I remembered that once upon a time, I dreamt to be a “dokumentarista” so I can cover stories like these.

Now, go and watch a puppet show HERE. 

Poor you if you haven’t seen The Sound of Music even once in your life.

Reason for living

Do we live for money? Do we live for fame? Do we live to have dominion over other people’s lair? Do we live for someone? Or simply, do we live for God’s goodness?

Living at this time of modernity and commercialism, it’s so easy for us to be motivated by the wrong reasons. With a society that measures one’s success by his paycheck and investments, one can gear towards a somber path. 

That’s why it’s really important to stop and ask, what do I live for?

The hard fact is that, we all need money to live. Sadly, others live for money.

We all want to get attention and for the world to fall on our feet, but this is entirely fleeting. The world doesn’t turn for one person, we all have our 15-minutes of fame. 

Do we live for one person? What if that person (knock on wood) dies, does our existence become moot and academic? 

Then I think it’s valid that we make our lives central to one.

To something eternal.

To someone whose effect can multiply by a hundredfold.

To the Alpha and the Omega.

To the One who we owe it all.

Simply, to live for God and everything good will follow.