Superficial guys. Please!

Ex-boyfriend when I was dumb at 16 sent an SMS a few weeks back:

GUY: Kita ko yung birthday ni _____. Ang taba mo na, pinakita ko kay (his best friend) sabi, si (my name) ba yan?!

ME: Ah talaga? Yeah, tumaba na kaming lahat, ikaw na lang natirang ganyan. (Because he still looks like Fido Dido til now – the hair and the built.)

Tonight, he popped again:

GUY: Mataba ka na talaga ngayon? Haha! Wala lang.

ME: Baka? The last time you saw me teen pa ko so don’t expect me to have a body like a teen. (Borrowed words from Geli :))

GUY: Yuck di ka na sexy!

ME: Thank God hindi na kita boyfriend! 🙂 

Lintek! What was I thinking being with this person? Hahahaha! 

Don’t let a guy pull you down, if at all, pull him down with you. Kiddin. :p

Good riddance!


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