2011, the year that was

I firmly believe in the saying that you never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t do. So, I’ll face the coming year with all the learnings from the good and the bad of 2011. What happened? Well, it was one hell of a ride.

This year, I turned 25. I got crazy, I got thrilled, I felt lost, had some lows, but also unbelievable highs.

This year, I found a new love, traveling. The wanderlust in me was born.

Experienced CDO’s rafting (God bless my kababayans there)

Saw the picturesque Camiguin

Ate the world’s best Guimaras’ mangoes

Enthralled by the Ruins of Negros

Received the warm smiles of Bacolod

Pigged-out on Cebu Lechon

Saw a tarsier up close in Bohol

Durian (ice cream) in Davao (The actual fruit, I still, cannot.)

Conquered my claustrophobia going through Cu Chi Tunnel

Got lost in translation in Vietnam

Food tripping in Singapore

Now, I think I’m addicted to it. The joy is still incomparable and the experience is unlike any other. So yeah, will continue this quest and conquer the world up to where my pocket can take me. 🙂

This year, I rekindled my love affair with books. Happy to find solace in the words of Picoult, Giffin and Murakami. Albom, after all these years, is still a good and quick read. 

This year, I got a little lax with work. My zest pretty much waned. I got so distracted with so many things and most times, it felt so routinary. Though my superiors would still give me a pat on the back, I knew deep inside, this ain’t the best I can be. Mediocrity lulled the stellar in me.

This year, my love life went from steady to bumpy to steady in nauseous interval. There were times that I’d think in silence, what the hell am I doing here? But the part of me that loves this person to bits, who knows that even if he sings Firework the moment he wakes up, that he drives me nuts yet I’m still crazy in love, would always win.

This year, I realized that I’ve become more selective of the friends I make and the ones I keep. It’s not about having the most number but having those that you can genuinely laugh with and be your own true self. This is odd though, since I didn’t go through any friendship trauma like others probably did.

This year, the past resurfaced in so many ways. I still feel like I’m groping in the dark. In 2012, I hope to finally be able to see some light to carry on.

This year, I saw my sister’s marriage crumble and rise again. One of the reasons that marriage scares the shit out of me.

This year, my biggest responsibility is taking toll. There are times that I’d be more than willing to give but there are also moments when the weak human in me gets me. Why aren’t we like this, why aren’t we like that? Yet, my parents are the most important people in my life and I know that I’ll do anything just to make them happy.

This year, I missed my relationship with God. The girl that prays every night, goes to Church every Sunday fell a little astray. Mind you, the only times I heard mass were on weddings, baptisms and funerals. Wait, do baptisms count?

Anyway, for 2012, I wish to be a better me.

For 2012, I hope for a better world.

Cheers to a new year! 🙂


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