At a crossroad, yet again.

Do I walk away from

a job that i have a love-hate relationship with

a team I adore and values me back

a boss that has the most understanding and confidence in me 

a company that I know is one of the country’s and the world’s best

TVC, print shoots and recordings left and right that excite me and reinforces why I am here

workload that isn’t confined within the office walls, 9-6, Monday-Friday

demanding clients who expect you to be at their mercy (can’t bite the hand that feeds you)

continuously learning strategic processes, insights and consumer trends with a planner I admire

working with the industry’s well-known names

a promotion that’s long been baked and an increase you never thought would be given

the long OT hours, events you promised to be present but ended up missing

ultimately, having less and less time for family and friends.

or Do I leave to

explore another world, less glamorous, less popular, more corporate

pursue the promise of 1 account

less OT nights

a pay that’s really good enough, I wowed at the sight of it

a job that I know will not be as exciting

but less demanding.

workload that I kinda have a hunch that in time might bore me

a company that’s booming but a department that’s ‘not yet there’

opportunity to learn new things outside the realm I’ve gone so comfortable with

ultimately, more time in my hands for family, friends, Gel and myself

Vincent van Gogh once said, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

I don’t know, maybe at 25, I don’t really wanna die at all.