Random ‘Me Wants’ for the night 01

  1. Driving lesson. I must. 
  2. Swim. Please 25-year old self. Please. This is a disgrace to humanity.
  3. Yoga. A pause, a break. I like the sound of that.
  4. A car. I don’t wanna commute anymore except when I’m on holiday, riding a bus with the wind brushing my hair. That’s it. Not in the metro.
  5. Peace of mind
  6. A less emotional self. Hormones, is this you acting up? Or, is this just the hidden me finally coming to life?
  7. Run. Jog. Whatever. Sweat it, because this bulge I feel when I turn sidewards in bed is not funny anymore.
  8. Time. Less time for work. More time for life.
  9. Puppy to cuddle and hold. 
  10. A solo trip. A much needed me-time I’ve been wanting for so long. 

Ktnxbye. 🙂


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