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Summer, I can feel you: Weekend in Pico de Loro

Like a parrot perched on a mountain, Pico de Loro or the Parrot’s Peak got its name. Known to be the highest point in Cavite, it’s a perfect spot to have your gaze on the beautiful beaches of Batangas. Well, that’s what the blogs say. If you know me, I’m not a very ‘mountain person.’ 🙂 So, instead of climbing, we went to the cove that is Pico de Loro to officially jumpstart summer. 

A project by SM Land Inc., Hamilo Coast is an exclusive beach club, a residential condominium, hotel and many others. Really, I’m not a big SM fan but I think they did a pretty neat job on this one. I just hope that a few years down the road, the mountains would still look lush instead of disappointing, brown patches.

It was a 3+-hour drive from Alabang via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu route. Trust me, we started counting the kilometers at 48 so imagine our joy when we’re down to our last 8! 

We’re here but not quite! 2 kms. more ‘til we reach the actual site.

Greeted by the Country Club – modern living with the mountains as backdrop! Owzzum.

Since it’s a sprawling estate, you can even ride the internal shuttle to roam around.

I guess waking up early is really not in me. So here we are, by the beach at 12nn.

That’s Gel who’s afraid of the sun. 🙂

Back in the day when I was 2 shades lighter. Hehe! 🙂

Hello boyfriend. :p

Photo c/o Rinrin

After being roasted in the sun, we opted to go to the Country Club to dip in the pool instead.


Photo c/o Topz

Around 5-ish, we headed back home. Unbeknownst to our passengers, our gas was hanging by a thread. Thank God we found a Caltex station!

Oh what a fun weekend with good ‘ole friends with ze boyfrans. 🙂

Random ‘Me Wants’ for the night 02

  • I want to talk to a war veteran. I guess anyone who’s lived through war has a deeper sense on life. Wisdom that I would love to gain.
  • Adopt a dog from the pound. A sure way to make me cry is tell me a really touching dog story and out of the many things, an abandoned dog ranks high. So to make a difference on a dog’s life, I want to adopt one so bad. In time, I will!

That’s it! 🙂

My list is quite short tonight ha!