Gazillion things on my plate and I am just a girl

Grown-up stuff seem to come my way pretty often these days. Obviously because there’s no denying, I am a grown-up at this solid age of 25!

First, on moving out. While the thing excites me and terrifies me at the same time, we cannot forego the inevitable. Looks like I’ll soon bid goodbye to the North in favor of the South. This doesn’t come cheap. In 3 days time, our savings have gone low by more than 30 grand. This is just the beginning. I didn’t know that nails, PVC pipes, faucets and other small ticket items combined would cost so much. Apart from all the house repairs, I have pest control schedule, a pending landline application and I should get in touch with a mover ASAP. Whew! I feel so old.

Then of course, there’s work. All my accounts are moving, dear Lord! To top it off, I was recently assigned to lead a brand. In as much as I love the challenge, the responsibility is just so huge that there are times I chicken out. I’ve people who depend on me for directions and I have to make sure that my actions do not just set examples to my subordinates but inspire them the same way my previous superiors have motivated me to do my best.

Testing the waters, yet again. When opportunities come, I can’t help but stick my head out the window, every time. The back of my mind says no – a new account, a team to lead, an atmosphere of laughter and fun. What else should I ask for? But, I am a mere mortal and I need gold in my pocket so we will see.

Just went to the doctor today. My right ear has been making this distressing, ‘tiiiiiiing’ sound for more than 2 weeks. The doctor said my eardrum looks swollen that’s why I need to undergo a hearing test. That said, I definitely CANNOT swim and, he has to check if I can board a plane on Friday since the pressure might worsen my ear’s swelling. Dundundundun! Nooooo. I still have a wedding to plan and the days are rolling by.

Driving 101 is still progressing, when will I be able to do it on my own? Stocks, to gamble or not, that is the question. Haaay, grown-up stuff. Can I just be 15 again?


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