Happiness happens

At times when I feel the luster of this industry’s starting to wane, when I feel the ‘itch’ and the thought of jumping over the fence crosses my mind, I dunno. Something, by some heavenly and mystical force, something happens. My thoughts go 360 and I’m okay again.

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been restless, I’ve been bored. I feel worthless and I begin to question this road I’m taking. But tonight, I sat in awe, watching really good campaigns and listening to the industry’s best. Secretary MonJ was there. He really has this charm that makes you just want to listen. He’s gone a long way from being one of advertising’s pillars and now, as tourism secretary. What an inspiration!

These brilliant campaigns, like Nestle’s 100 years and Coca-Cola’s OFW project, make me believe that I probably am right smack where I belong. Hope this feeling lingers 🙂


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