‘Tis one of those days when there’s nothing I’d rather do in the world but curl up in bed like a fetus and hear the sound of the rain. This makes a perfect scene for a movie.

Damn, I feel that this year has got to be the best and the worst for me, all at the same time.


A Thank You To Real Friends


Our lives become filled with brunches, happy hours, dinner parties, and cocktails with people who are nice enough, but with whom we wouldn’t share a secret. With whom we wouldn’t cry. With whom we wouldn’t laugh until our stomachs ached. They are simply people to move around with, people who fill your life…

Your friendship — your love — is contained in gestures, in unspoken inside jokes, in discrete looks that say everything, in hugs, and in tear-inducing laughter. You’re reminded of everything that a friend truly is, and the ease with which you can share everything and catch up, with which you can make each other laugh and fundamentally understand is almost unsettling.

Read the whole article here. Almost brought me to tears ‘coz I can hear myself in her words.