Day 3: Worst injury and how I got it

Good Lord, I haven’t had a major injury or accident in my 25+ years of existence. I guess I’ll have to settle with the worst scar.

I can’t remember if I was 4 or 5 when it happened but this is the story of how I got the scar on the extreme upper right of my face. Thank God for side bangs, it doesn’t really show. 🙂

When I was a kiddo, I had a mortal enemy, my cousin. Being the same age, we argued about toys, attention and anything and everything under the sun. I remembered I threw a rock at him which made him bleed and left a scar on his head. The reason why he can’t get a skinhead, ever.

In the 90s, power blackouts were common. I can vaguely remember what happened but one blackout night, I was with my cousin and we were in one of the rooms of my aunt’s house. We were pretty normal until we started fighting and then he suddenly threw a lit candle at me. Good thing, the candle wax hit me instead of the candle itself. Good thing it hit me on the side of my face and not my eye, or else I would’ve gotten blind. I got burnt and to this day, this scar remains. My cousin and I would laugh about this because both of us got souvenirs from the days when were the worst enemies.


Day 2: Who has made the biggest impact in your life and why?

No doubt about it, MY PARENTS.

They were the ones who laid down the groundwork for me to become the person that I am today.

As a toddler, I remember not even knowing my parents as my parents. I grew up with my aunt and uncle and thought they were my folks. It was the time of the ‘87 coup d’etat and living near EDSA, they had to let my relatives take care of me in a safer place, Bulacan. That got me really confused. We had tons of drama – me hiding under my aunt’s trucks so they can’t pick me up, throwing my wildest tantrum, screaming at the top of my lungs “ayoko sa’yo, di kita mommy!” Thinking about this just makes me laugh. My parents just had to deal with the psycho kid that I was.

They were never the strict type. I can’t even remember a time when my parents didn’t allow me to go out. Well maybe because I never asked permission, I sorta just inform them when I gotta go 🙂 Haha! The freedom and trust they give me, I reciprocate with good grades. Next to being a kind kid, nothing can make any parent happier. 

I was never really smothered as a child. I always ask my mom why they never help me with my assignments and she would always say that she knows I’m smart enough to do it. Haha! Even at a young age, I was independent. I learned how to make things happen on my own.

As you get older, it’s funny how you come to realize the things you pick up from your parents.

My mom: 

She always has it in her, this positive vibe. Even if times get tough, she manages to come through with a smile. I think I got this from her and for this, I am thankful. Drop being smart or hardworking, I guess this remains to be my strongest asset in the work field.

From her I learned to see a stranger as a potential friend. A smile is never expensive to give. A warm chit-chat will never be a waste of time. 

My dad:

He has always been calm, cool and collected. When my mom would be surging emotions, my dad is the voice of reason. From him I realized that one does not always have to speak in order to be heard. His presence, even just the clearing of his throat, I would already know what’s been told.

He also was a lover of words, perhaps the reason why I would skim through dictionaries as a kid. I remember that at a young age, he taught my sister and I what ‘ambidextrous’ meant. Little did I know that episodes like these would become building blocks of the path I am to take someday, a communications practitioner.


My parents, yes, they are not perfect. They have their flaws which drive me crazy. At times, I can’t help but look back on the opportunities they didn’t milk, they didn’t seize, which could’ve led to an entirely different story. However, I know that just like most parents, they gave it their best shot. For that, I am grateful.

Day 1: The Best Day of My Life

My life is filled with so many great waking hours that I cannot deduce all of life’s best moments and pick just one. 

But… being on a trip, most especially being at the beach would have to top my list. 

Traveling has always given me so much joy. Being the workaholic that I am, a break from e-mails and phone calls, from the hustle and bustle of the city, from the heart attack that comes with beating deadlines is a welcoming relief. 

A sight of a plane, a car ready for a road trip already makes my heart flutter.

Arriving at a jaw-dropping destination, all the more!

Basking in the sun free from worries

Time just rolling by

A good book

Touching the warm sand

Choco-Peanut shake (or buco juice) to quench my thirst

Sitting with friends around a bonfire

Eating to our heart’s desire

Laughing, chatting, drinking ‘til we drop

I think this paints the picture of a good day and I’m happy to say that I’ve lived these moments.

Maybe in a couple of year’s time, I would be able to pick one day.

The day we say I do?

The day we have kids?

But just the same, I’ll continue living and filling my days with moments that take my breath away. 🙂

‘The Filipino spirit is waterproof’

As NY Times puts it, Manila’s sad but spirit’s remarkable.

We were tested once again as torrential rain flooded 50% of the metro. Oddly, this isn’t even a typhoon. My officemate calls ‘it’ Voldemort because until now It Has Not Been Named. 

It reminded us of Ondoy which happened barely 3 years ago. Although this time I felt that we were more prepared. The rescue teams were more organized, the updates from government agencies were more timely, local government units, schools and companies were more proactive, civilians were more vigilant and civic spirit more admirable. I guess we’re slowly learning. I guess we still have a long way to go but we’re getting there.

Thank God that even with the power down in most areas, social media was effectively utilized.

Thank God and thank you to the brave souls who came to the people’s aid: PNP, MMDA, Army, Navy, Red Cross, LGUs, field reporters and everyone!

Though we shouldn’t stop here. DENR is saying, Heavy rainfall is the ‘new normal.’ Quite scary, I know. That’s why we should start acting now and get to a long-term solution. Stumbled on this quick and easy information to give us a head start:

Don’t blame the floods to God. God made rivers and water ways so that rain water could go through it. MODERN humans, whom they supposed to be INTELLIGENT humans, back-filled the rivers and water ways, denuded the forests that holds the waters in the mountains, and dumped garbage to the narrowed rivers which resulted to severe flooding when heavy rain pours. Rain is a blessing to farmers. It is something to be happy about if we only used our natural resources properly. – Eric Quinto

So please, do your share. We may not be a Palafox who can devise floodways or come up with urban planning strategies but surely, we can manage our own garbage properly.


*Photos grabbed from Yahoo, Google Images, Reuters.

The brouhaha that is RH bill

I cannot even.

At first, I was puzzled what SAVED SEX means. Apparently, it’s about putting your chastity belt on and ‘saving’ yourself for marriage. I’m all up for that but ‘no to safe sex’ as in seriously? Does this mean ‘yes to STD! yes to 5-kids for jobless parents? yes to popping it when you have to?’  

For the sake of: 

  • mothers who die in childbirth
  • newborns so they can stand a better chance in life
  • kids who can’t choose their parents
  • the young ones to be equipped with fundamentals and not be left in the dark
  • indigent women who do not have access to health care
Let us pass this bill.
Please. It’s not really about you, or about me. It’s more for them. 

And because I’m pro-quality of life, I’m pro-RH bill.

Sharing this as well:

Read the RH Bill text here