The brouhaha that is RH bill

I cannot even.

At first, I was puzzled what SAVED SEX means. Apparently, it’s about putting your chastity belt on and ‘saving’ yourself for marriage. I’m all up for that but ‘no to safe sex’ as in seriously? Does this mean ‘yes to STD! yes to 5-kids for jobless parents? yes to popping it when you have to?’  

For the sake of: 

  • mothers who die in childbirth
  • newborns so they can stand a better chance in life
  • kids who can’t choose their parents
  • the young ones to be equipped with fundamentals and not be left in the dark
  • indigent women who do not have access to health care
Let us pass this bill.
Please. It’s not really about you, or about me. It’s more for them. 

And because I’m pro-quality of life, I’m pro-RH bill.

Sharing this as well:

Read the RH Bill text here


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