‘The Filipino spirit is waterproof’

As NY Times puts it, Manila’s sad but spirit’s remarkable.

We were tested once again as torrential rain flooded 50% of the metro. Oddly, this isn’t even a typhoon. My officemate calls ‘it’ Voldemort because until now It Has Not Been Named. 

It reminded us of Ondoy which happened barely 3 years ago. Although this time I felt that we were more prepared. The rescue teams were more organized, the updates from government agencies were more timely, local government units, schools and companies were more proactive, civilians were more vigilant and civic spirit more admirable. I guess we’re slowly learning. I guess we still have a long way to go but we’re getting there.

Thank God that even with the power down in most areas, social media was effectively utilized.

Thank God and thank you to the brave souls who came to the people’s aid: PNP, MMDA, Army, Navy, Red Cross, LGUs, field reporters and everyone!

Though we shouldn’t stop here. DENR is saying, Heavy rainfall is the ‘new normal.’ Quite scary, I know. That’s why we should start acting now and get to a long-term solution. Stumbled on this quick and easy information to give us a head start:

Don’t blame the floods to God. God made rivers and water ways so that rain water could go through it. MODERN humans, whom they supposed to be INTELLIGENT humans, back-filled the rivers and water ways, denuded the forests that holds the waters in the mountains, and dumped garbage to the narrowed rivers which resulted to severe flooding when heavy rain pours. Rain is a blessing to farmers. It is something to be happy about if we only used our natural resources properly. – Eric Quinto

So please, do your share. We may not be a Palafox who can devise floodways or come up with urban planning strategies but surely, we can manage our own garbage properly.


*Photos grabbed from Yahoo, Google Images, Reuters.


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