Day 1: The Best Day of My Life

My life is filled with so many great waking hours that I cannot deduce all of life’s best moments and pick just one. 

But… being on a trip, most especially being at the beach would have to top my list. 

Traveling has always given me so much joy. Being the workaholic that I am, a break from e-mails and phone calls, from the hustle and bustle of the city, from the heart attack that comes with beating deadlines is a welcoming relief. 

A sight of a plane, a car ready for a road trip already makes my heart flutter.

Arriving at a jaw-dropping destination, all the more!

Basking in the sun free from worries

Time just rolling by

A good book

Touching the warm sand

Choco-Peanut shake (or buco juice) to quench my thirst

Sitting with friends around a bonfire

Eating to our heart’s desire

Laughing, chatting, drinking ‘til we drop

I think this paints the picture of a good day and I’m happy to say that I’ve lived these moments.

Maybe in a couple of year’s time, I would be able to pick one day.

The day we say I do?

The day we have kids?

But just the same, I’ll continue living and filling my days with moments that take my breath away. 🙂


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