Day 2: Who has made the biggest impact in your life and why?

No doubt about it, MY PARENTS.

They were the ones who laid down the groundwork for me to become the person that I am today.

As a toddler, I remember not even knowing my parents as my parents. I grew up with my aunt and uncle and thought they were my folks. It was the time of the ‘87 coup d’etat and living near EDSA, they had to let my relatives take care of me in a safer place, Bulacan. That got me really confused. We had tons of drama – me hiding under my aunt’s trucks so they can’t pick me up, throwing my wildest tantrum, screaming at the top of my lungs “ayoko sa’yo, di kita mommy!” Thinking about this just makes me laugh. My parents just had to deal with the psycho kid that I was.

They were never the strict type. I can’t even remember a time when my parents didn’t allow me to go out. Well maybe because I never asked permission, I sorta just inform them when I gotta go 🙂 Haha! The freedom and trust they give me, I reciprocate with good grades. Next to being a kind kid, nothing can make any parent happier. 

I was never really smothered as a child. I always ask my mom why they never help me with my assignments and she would always say that she knows I’m smart enough to do it. Haha! Even at a young age, I was independent. I learned how to make things happen on my own.

As you get older, it’s funny how you come to realize the things you pick up from your parents.

My mom: 

She always has it in her, this positive vibe. Even if times get tough, she manages to come through with a smile. I think I got this from her and for this, I am thankful. Drop being smart or hardworking, I guess this remains to be my strongest asset in the work field.

From her I learned to see a stranger as a potential friend. A smile is never expensive to give. A warm chit-chat will never be a waste of time. 

My dad:

He has always been calm, cool and collected. When my mom would be surging emotions, my dad is the voice of reason. From him I realized that one does not always have to speak in order to be heard. His presence, even just the clearing of his throat, I would already know what’s been told.

He also was a lover of words, perhaps the reason why I would skim through dictionaries as a kid. I remember that at a young age, he taught my sister and I what ‘ambidextrous’ meant. Little did I know that episodes like these would become building blocks of the path I am to take someday, a communications practitioner.


My parents, yes, they are not perfect. They have their flaws which drive me crazy. At times, I can’t help but look back on the opportunities they didn’t milk, they didn’t seize, which could’ve led to an entirely different story. However, I know that just like most parents, they gave it their best shot. For that, I am grateful.


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