Day 3: Worst injury and how I got it

Good Lord, I haven’t had a major injury or accident in my 25+ years of existence. I guess I’ll have to settle with the worst scar.

I can’t remember if I was 4 or 5 when it happened but this is the story of how I got the scar on the extreme upper right of my face. Thank God for side bangs, it doesn’t really show. 🙂

When I was a kiddo, I had a mortal enemy, my cousin. Being the same age, we argued about toys, attention and anything and everything under the sun. I remembered I threw a rock at him which made him bleed and left a scar on his head. The reason why he can’t get a skinhead, ever.

In the 90s, power blackouts were common. I can vaguely remember what happened but one blackout night, I was with my cousin and we were in one of the rooms of my aunt’s house. We were pretty normal until we started fighting and then he suddenly threw a lit candle at me. Good thing, the candle wax hit me instead of the candle itself. Good thing it hit me on the side of my face and not my eye, or else I would’ve gotten blind. I got burnt and to this day, this scar remains. My cousin and I would laugh about this because both of us got souvenirs from the days when were the worst enemies.


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