Day 4: The most heartbroken I’ve been

To anyone who knows me well, this remains to be the lowest point in my romantic history.

The logical person that I am sunk in this sea of emotions, good thing I was able to push myself back to the surface. They say you never really lose something you never had. I guess that made the fall hurt even more. Not being able to have that someone you prayed to the sun and the heavens to have will drive you insane.

Maybe it was the thrill of the chase. Maybe it was redemption of my pride. Maybe it’s being wanted but not owned. Maybe it’s because I was young, relentless and probably stupid. I can go on and on with the reasons of the fall but really, no matter how hurt I was, I thank God for this. At least now, I have one for the books. A mad, passionate, crazy kind of love. Who doesn’t want a taste of that?


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