Day 8: As a child I was

I think I was kinda geeky as a kid.

At that time, I felt I was doing things on my own that none of the other kids around me were doing, or probably enjoying a least bit. Or maybe other kids my age were doing the same things, I just didn’t know.

I liked watching old movies like The Sound of Music, Gone with the Wind and The Ten Commandments. 

I remember that on Saturdays, I’d wake up around 10am, bring my trusty mug of taho (soy) to the porch and grab a copy of the Junior Inquirer. It was the highlight of my Saturday, really! I was excited to see cool trivia, read poems and stories written by kids and answer all the puzzles and games. I know, it doesn’t sound so ‘hoooray’ but it made my day. Probably the reason why I’m one of the few who knows Guyito.

When I was 5, I attended Sunday schools. Most of the time, we listened to Bible stories. I remember that my favorites were the stories of Joseph and his brothers, of Moses and Jesus’ parables. It was a time when I can map the family tree of Abraham (which I scarcely remember now) and know Bible verses by heart.

We had a Reader’s Digest Book of Facts which compiled different stories about all sort of random things. At that time, I was curious about the lives of Mata Hari (labelled as The Spy Who Wasn’t), Frida Kahlo and Rasputin (The Quack Doctor). 

I would have my ‘word for the day’ — any random word I hear or see whose meaning I look up and try to understand. I probably had a lot but I can only remember one – ‘maverick’.

Were you like this as a kid? I must be really weird. 🙂

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”

— Julian Barnes, England, England


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