Day 12: 10 things I want to do this 2012

This year is my 25th. My quarter life. At 25, you want to do so many things but you end up doing not much. Or maybe not just at 25, maybe it’s a whole lifetime of wants, dreams and bucket lists. I’m not really a person of New Year’s resolutions, and as much as I’d love to, I don’t really get to write about the things I want to do. Since the year’s 3 months from over and since you’ve asked, here are some of things I want to do – some I probably ended up already doing, some might have to extend ‘til next year.

1. Drive  (✓) 

I got my driver’s license this year and it rubbed in the happy truth that I am so gonna do this… and I think I did. 🙂 Thank you to my patient, persistent, never-say-die teacher, Gel, no less! Even if I am a tough nut to crack, even if I am always right, he tries really, really hard not to lose it. Baby steps! Today, the cities of the South. Tomorrow, let’s brave EDSA. Next, the world. Lols 🙂

2. Swim and not just float (x)

After gazillion summer escapades, all I manage to do is swim (or pretend to swim) on a 5-feet pool or float. So here I am, jealous of my friends who are being so adventurous and trying out underwater hockey. Oh my. This is a disgrace to the human race!

3. Cook or even master just one recipe – a mean pasta dish (x)

I think this has been in my planner since I ever had one. Haha! When will cooking and I be good friends? The thing is, cooking makes me lose my appetite. Anyone who knows me is aware how much I love eating so there goes reason #1. I don’t like getting sweaty (except when, oh well. haha) and cooking is so hot (unless I can do it with the AC on). Lastly and most importantly, I’m admittedly kinda lazy. So please, how can I be a domestic goddess, how? Nigella Lawson, please help me. 

4. Try something for the first time (✓) 

– Be a Boracay virgin no more. Quite a shame to be Filipino who’s been to other countries but never to Boracay. 

– Diving. Ergh. Underwater Helmet Diving to be exact. That’s me conquering 2 things: underwater and my head in a helmet given my claustrophobia.

– Cook a full meal and with full I mean, rice, viand and soup. Hohumm! 🙂

– Drive to the mall. Pardon the triviality, this is monumental for me! 

5. Adopt a dog from the pound. (x)

My teeth grinds at the sight of cute and cuddly dogs. Because I have too much love to give. Rubbing a dog’s head. The joy of a wagging tail.  Oh I miss the joy that having a dog brings. I hope I can gather up enough courage to own a new dog and promise him the same loyalty he offers from a human friend. 

6. Go to a foreign destination. (x)

I was really eyeing for Cambodia this year since I failed to do so last year. However, with the turn of events, I don’t think this is possible. I’m positive for next year though. Booked a flight already. Bangkok, baby! 🙂 

7. Travel with my parents (x)

Bicol. Mayon Volcano. November. This year. Oh dad 😦

8. A big ticket purchase. (x)

Started 2012 in hope that I will get one of these: a car or a house. Here comes September and tadah! Nada. The savings are growing but then again, what good is that if I don’t get to invest. Sad thing my dad, who was most adamant for me to get a car, didn’t get to see me drive my own. Whenever I get a job offer, the first thing that he asks, ‘is there a car plan?’ I’ll miss this. 😦

A house to my name, we’ll get there. At least we got to semi-renovate this house in LP and I have never been so concerned about the cost of nails, tiles, paint and cement. It’s zooooo expensive!

9.  Earn bigger. (✓) 

I wrote down 2 ways to achieve this. (1) Get promoted or pirated. Teehee! 🙂 (2) Do some freelance work on the side. Thank you God because I managed to do both. Early this year, I got promoted to a supervisory level. Hooray! A few months back, I got a call from the country’s biggest ad agency and eventually bagged a job offer. I still don’t know what the future holds. Stay or go, I’m really grateful.

On the side, my friends and I have started doing weddings. We don’t really rake so much cash (not yet), but we’re in it for the love of weddings and for the fun that comes in working together. in time, I hope we get to earn more.

I guess my mantra works, if you work hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.

10. Keep holy the Sabbath day (x)

I haven’t rekindled my flame with the Church. I’m not really sure if what I miss is the actual practice of going to Church, or a more intimate relationship with the Lord. It probably would have to be the latter. I am still a bit wary of the Catholic faith. For someone who’s born and raised Catholic, this is highly unlikely. Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for the Supreme Being, our Almighty God and the gift of salvation. However, I can’t help but question why we pray to Mary or the saints. What’s the difference between the veneration of images made of ivory and worshipping the Golden Calf during Moses’ time? Anyway, I can go on and on about these things but in God alone I trust. 

There you have it guys. My 2012 wishlist, or a good chunk of it. 


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