Day 17: A picture of the person/s you love the most

My family

Tops my list at any given time. I love them unconditionally.

You can’t choose your family but I guess when God gave them to me, I was lucky. 


I’m Just Not A Morning Person, And Society Won’t Stop Punishing Me


It does not mean that I am by nature antisocial or uninterested in getting to know my fellow human, it’s simply that, between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m., I’m just trying to get my bearings in a world that is at least 5 shades too bright and won’t stop making terrible, loud noies. If I’m sitting at my desk nursing a coffee and enjoying the time to just be chill and hang out with my own thoughts, the last thing I want is Joe McIGoRunningForHalfAnHourBeforeWork bounding up to me to talk to me at full volume about what he watched on TV last night. I don’t want to have to let slip through unavoidable body language that I am not fully risen from my coffin yet and thus can’t engage in a full conversation, only to be met with a giddy “Long night last night, huh?”

All of my nights are long, morning people. All of them. No, I didn’t go to a meth-fueled rave out in the desert last night that kept me up until the wee hours (though that may have been preferable), I just had a normal night, likely in or around my own bed. It is simply that, for whatever reason, my brain has decreed that the hours between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. are the hours at which all interesting and engaging thought are going to occur. I put myself down to sleep and even with no external stimulus, will just kind of sit helplessly as my mind whirs over a million useless things, occasionally stopping to discover a cure for cancer, only to forget about six seconds later. It’s the time I want to party, to write a novel, to talk to everyone, to blog about the meaning of life, to make a Nutella sandwich, and to cry over Ellie Goulding songs. It’s my time, okay? That doesn’t mean that I’m trying intentionally to stay up past my bedtime like some petulant seven-year-old, it means I am a prisoner to my own internal clock.

Yes, I have accepted that society demands of me a relatively early start time. I have found my requisite crutches and the breakfasts that make me feel at my most alert/ready/human (muesli cereal, tea, and a vitamin c chew for those keeping score at home). I know that the first five or so minutes where I’m in my bed that literally feels like a thousand small orgasms cuddling me all over my body and I have to force myself to get out of it are going to suck, but I know that it will pass. I have given myself over entirely to the idea that I will be running on society’s schedule, and not my own.

All I ask is that morning people be kind to night owls, that they try their best to understand how difficult life already is in the first few hours of the day and not compound it with suggestions on how to perk up and loud monologues about all of the things they’ve already accomplished. When I am just sipping a coffee and trying to get acclimated to human life, and someone comes up and starts talking at me, it’s all I can do not to just pour my coffee on them and burst into tears. Don’t do that. Be kind. Be chill. Above all, be the kind of person that night owls want to invite to their sweet-ass parties, because you know we’re throwing all of them.

Day 16: A picture of the thing I love the most


My favorite thing in the world. Bar none. The world became a better place with this. Haha 🙂 Maybe I got Applefied but the thought of going back to a regular PC is just so sad. I even put a ‘Mac laptop’ as one of my expected perks when I do get job offers. Haha! I don’t know if they’d take the bait but better ask and take chance.

I love the design, the interface, the fact that it’s easy to connect it with my 2nd most favorite thing in the world, the iPad. I want to get me some new Macbook Pro but, but… So expensive! Give me moolah please!!! 

A Letter from Him to You

How can you ever leave a man who writes to you like this? I’d probably marry him for his sensitivity, for his tact, for his beauty, for his unconditional love.


i hope he makes you happy. the kind of happiness you desperately needed. i hope his fingers fit in the spaces between yours with ease. i hope he looks at you that way you deserve. i hope he inspires you, excites you, comforts you. i hope his arms wrap around you and keep you safe. make you feel like the entire world and all it’s darkness disappears. i hope his kisses make you weak. make you crave for more. i hope his words melt you. i hope he respects you and makes you realize your potential is infinite. i hope he takes you on incredible adventures and fills your dreams with endless wonder and beauty. i hope he gives you the normalcy you wished for. i hope he appreciates you. truly understands how unique you are. how incredibly beautiful you are. i hope he never takes for granted the creativity and passion that burn in you. i hope he wipes away your tears, consoles you and chases off your sadness. i hope he loves you with a fierceness that leaves you aching for more. unconditional and relentless. always… i hope he makes you happy. the kind of happiness you desperately needed and never found with me.”


Day 15: 6 things I can’t live without

Things as in things aside from food and water.

If I have to pick top 6 in no particular order these would be:

1. Mobile Phone – because when other gadgets become pretty complicated, the classic mobile phone comes in handy.

2. Laptop – the all-in-one gadget for working, movie/series marathon, Web surfing, writing and many other things. 

3. Internet connection which should be added to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sometime soon. 

4.  My wallet which has my cash, my credit cards, IDs, frequency cards – all essential to my day-to-day living. Without it, I practically should just live in a cave.

5. A vanity kit which at the minimum will have a foundation, blush, lipstick and alcohol. See, I’m not even that vain but a lady’s gotta be a lady 🙂

6. A comfy pair of slippers because I wear slippers almost everywhere. It’s the most convenient footwear ever. 

These are the top 6 things that popped my mind right now. This list might not even be entirely true since I had to rummage through my bag and look around for clues. Haha! 🙂