Day 15: 6 things I can’t live without

Things as in things aside from food and water.

If I have to pick top 6 in no particular order these would be:

1. Mobile Phone – because when other gadgets become pretty complicated, the classic mobile phone comes in handy.

2. Laptop – the all-in-one gadget for working, movie/series marathon, Web surfing, writing and many other things. 

3. Internet connection which should be added to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sometime soon. 

4.  My wallet which has my cash, my credit cards, IDs, frequency cards – all essential to my day-to-day living. Without it, I practically should just live in a cave.

5. A vanity kit which at the minimum will have a foundation, blush, lipstick and alcohol. See, I’m not even that vain but a lady’s gotta be a lady 🙂

6. A comfy pair of slippers because I wear slippers almost everywhere. It’s the most convenient footwear ever. 

These are the top 6 things that popped my mind right now. This list might not even be entirely true since I had to rummage through my bag and look around for clues. Haha! 🙂


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