A Letter from Him to You

How can you ever leave a man who writes to you like this? I’d probably marry him for his sensitivity, for his tact, for his beauty, for his unconditional love.


i hope he makes you happy. the kind of happiness you desperately needed. i hope his fingers fit in the spaces between yours with ease. i hope he looks at you that way you deserve. i hope he inspires you, excites you, comforts you. i hope his arms wrap around you and keep you safe. make you feel like the entire world and all it’s darkness disappears. i hope his kisses make you weak. make you crave for more. i hope his words melt you. i hope he respects you and makes you realize your potential is infinite. i hope he takes you on incredible adventures and fills your dreams with endless wonder and beauty. i hope he gives you the normalcy you wished for. i hope he appreciates you. truly understands how unique you are. how incredibly beautiful you are. i hope he never takes for granted the creativity and passion that burn in you. i hope he wipes away your tears, consoles you and chases off your sadness. i hope he loves you with a fierceness that leaves you aching for more. unconditional and relentless. always… i hope he makes you happy. the kind of happiness you desperately needed and never found with me.”



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