The 3-year itch

Clocked in at 10, can’t wait for 7.

The 9-hour wait is an agony.

Things I used to do in a heartbeat seem like a struggle.

Oh dream job, when did you start to feel like a chore?

Before, every morning I felt rejuvenated

Like a pre-schooler who’s giddy for class.

Now, mornings feel like I’m preparing for battle.

Hey soldier, go pick up your sword.

End of an era, this is how it feels.

My sturdy wall is crumbling

My everyday sanity warriors are going

Everyone’s leaving in this diaspora of sort.

Maybe it’s the environment that’s sucking the life out of me

Or the fear of an impending doom.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been here a bit too long

the 3-year itch you’ve come and I’ve a feeling you’ve won.


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