Why hello there!

It’s been a while. I’m a fallen soldier today with sore limbs and without voice so I spent the whole day at home. ‘Tis one of the rare moments when I have time in my hands and I actually managed to do a lot of the small but life-essential things like:

  1. Eat a complete meal without having to check my phone in between bites.
  2. Play and argue with my niece
  3. Chit-chat with my mommy
  4. Watch TV! Oh how I miss being a couch potato. I was surprised to see new teen stars on TV, realizing I don’t know anyone and seeing the teen stars of my generation playing mommy/daddy roles already. I feel so old!
  5. Play some songs
  6. Scrub my bathroom tiles
  7. Clear up my toiletries and realize that I hoard quite a lot. To my dismay, saw that a lot have expired including skin care products. What a waste!

With time in my hands, can’t help but over-think. Things I wanna do, things I wanna try. It will never end, right? We always aspire for things we don’t have. Such is life, I guess. It’s a never-ending journey that’s why we don’t ever stop. I’m pretty much happy how my life is going, a crazy beautiful family, great love, true friends and a promising career. But of course, like every psychotic person in us, we have to shake the equilibrium. What else will make life exciting?

Almost late 20s, gah! I’m panicking on things I’ve left undone as if the zombie apocalypse is happening tomorrow. So little time, so much to do. Might as well list it down, whisper it to the universe and claim it. Yes, I am so claiming it.

  1. Our happy little wedding (kilig) and ultimately, a rock-solid marriage 🙂
  2. Buy a mothereffin* house. I’m not even sure if what the BF and I are doing now has promise. I hope so. The money is no joke. Money is equivalent to all the hours I’ve almost lost my sanity. I pray to the gods that this thing pans out well.
  3. Work that will not eat the 8-12 midnights of my life so that I can still have time for life. Let it still be advertising please. May ganito ba?!?!
  4. Travel to far off places (daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise).
  5. Yoga, the primary reason being I want to learn how to do a headstand.

A friend of mine posted this status a few minutes ago, super timely.

‘Fickle, adj: The constant questioning of whether what you have is enough and what you want is the right thing to have.’

You and me. Us. All fickle.