GelLovesEu: 5 months to go!

A few tumblings away ‘til our wedding and thank God it’s slowly coming to life! 🙂 Thanks to my account management training, getting things organised is easy peasy – for now! This feels like one major production and I’m preparing for the biggest campaign of my life. 

The Church: San Antonio de Padua in Silang is all set! 

The Reception, Pre-Wedding Preparation Venue and Caterer: The Hills in Silang — booked!

My Mood Board: Done since time immemorial.

Gown and Suit c/o Mitch Desunia: Designs are ready but we’ve yet to fit. I am reminded to diet, diet, diet. Kaso ang tagal pa naman eh! 🙂

Pre-Nup Pictures: Winner! Will share on a different post. It’s one of the best things I’ve prepared in life, of course, with our awesome photographers and multi-tasking friends, plus the fact that I have the most game, most spontaneous husband to be. (Ermm… Did I just say husband?Haha)

Pre-Cana Seminar: It was quite a struggle to find one but hooray San Agustin Church for being a lifesaver! 

A couple more things to book:

1. Mobile Bar

2. Wedding Band

3. Wedding Coordinators

4. Invitation

5. Entourage Gowns

6. Paperworks! 

Luckily, I’m not yet stressed out 🙂 YET being the operative word. I’m actually enjoying the planning! Much more because I have a load of friends helping me out. Whew, thank God for friends! 🙂 


1st LDR Birthday

Happy birthday babe! Here’s to us blowing your birthday cake together because oh well. Sucks being apart. Can’t wait to see you!!! Umuwi ka na baby! Love you mucho! 😘