GelLovesEu: 5 months to go!

A few tumblings away ‘til our wedding and thank God it’s slowly coming to life! 🙂 Thanks to my account management training, getting things organised is easy peasy – for now! This feels like one major production and I’m preparing for the biggest campaign of my life. 

The Church: San Antonio de Padua in Silang is all set! 

The Reception, Pre-Wedding Preparation Venue and Caterer: The Hills in Silang — booked!

My Mood Board: Done since time immemorial.

Gown and Suit c/o Mitch Desunia: Designs are ready but we’ve yet to fit. I am reminded to diet, diet, diet. Kaso ang tagal pa naman eh! 🙂

Pre-Nup Pictures: Winner! Will share on a different post. It’s one of the best things I’ve prepared in life, of course, with our awesome photographers and multi-tasking friends, plus the fact that I have the most game, most spontaneous husband to be. (Ermm… Did I just say husband?Haha)

Pre-Cana Seminar: It was quite a struggle to find one but hooray San Agustin Church for being a lifesaver! 

A couple more things to book:

1. Mobile Bar

2. Wedding Band

3. Wedding Coordinators

4. Invitation

5. Entourage Gowns

6. Paperworks! 

Luckily, I’m not yet stressed out 🙂 YET being the operative word. I’m actually enjoying the planning! Much more because I have a load of friends helping me out. Whew, thank God for friends! 🙂 


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