My Big Fat 2013

2013 was quite a year of many bold moves for me. Looking back, I feel that I’ve actually conquered a lot of fears. Let me tell you about it.

Enrolling in a Swim Class

Growing up, a lot of my really close friends didn’t know how to swim so I didn’t feel I was missing out anything. Come college and eventually the adult life, I was beginning to feel like a loser who couldn’t go way past the pool’s stairs. My fiancé, who is usually adamant to get things done, kept on volunteering to teach me whether be it in a public pool or tucked in an island far away. Being the proud person that I am, it was humiliating hahaha! Imagine the old fart that I am being asked to float by Gel in front of everyone to see? Que horror! So when I learned about the swimming lessons being held near our house, I knew I had to enrol.

Bert Lozada, here I come! It was a 10-day package for an hour every week. Since their classes already started, I had to do a 2-hour session for 5 days instead. The lessons cost P4,500, not bad if you want to learn from the Pros. So every Saturday morning, I had to bring my lazy bum to Elizabeth Seton’s pool to learn. Equipped with new gears — a Speedo one-piece bikini, swim cap, goggles and kick board, I was all so giddy to learn. The first day was all about proper breathing but it ended on a high note, us diving on a 6-feet pool. What the heck!

I finished all 10-sessions and mind you, it wasn’t easy. For one, my classmates were kids, as in toddlers from 4 to tweens. Good thing I look young so some kids asked If I were in high school. Hahaha! Also, there were a lot of parents, some whose age are probably already close to mine so yes, I was kind of shy. By the time the program ended, I knew how to breathe, do a few strokes (though I still can’t do a graceful freestyle) and the most important thing, to not be afraid of water. I still have a lot to learn but I guess this is a good start.

Driving on My Own

I always knew I can do it but I didn’t know it would be this year. Perhaps Gel being away made it happen. I had no choice but to do it myself. The first day I brought the car to the office, I actually hit the gutter in the parking lot. The second time that I did, the engine overheated. I drove frantically in EDSA on a weeknight rush hour just to get to a gas station and put water on my engine. After that, I felt I can conquer the world. The next thing I knew, I was going places. The expressway became a way of life, EDSA was point A to B and the one thing I feared most, Quezon City Circle was an achievement unlocked.

Driving is such an empowering experience! Once you start driving, you will never want to take public transportation again even if it is such a pain in the pocket, parking and gas combined! I didn’t like it the times when I felt sleepy or my legs got numb from the traffic but the times when it made life convenient were definitely more.

Mentoring a Blank Tablet

I’ve had numerous trainees assigned to me from my previous to current job. However, this is the first time when a fresh graduate will be under my tutelage for an actual job instead of an internship. The experience is quite a refreshing one! I’ve always been a firm believer that your first job is a very critical part of your career. It builds you and helps you become the person you will be a few years from now. Hence, it was a weight on my shoulder that I welcomed. I feel like I’ve always wanted to mentor someone. Good thing that 6 years in the industry was not a walk in the park. It taught me to be smart, snappy and tough and this is what I want to pass on. So when I learned from my trainee’s mom that her daughter feels I’m good with what I do, it was such a relief for a novice trainer that I am. Perhaps, I was born for this job? Let’s see what the future holds!

Setting Our Wedding Date

Since 2009, Gel and I have held a pact that we are in this relationship together for the long haul. Like what Queen B said, he put a ring on it. Sing with me! Although marriage has always been the long term goal, we have never pinned down the date until this year. I cannot remember the exact day, moment when we nodded in agreement to do this. The next thing I knew, we were attending a Wedding Fair already. Seems very apt for quite the unconventional couple that we are. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to be Mrs. San Miguel next year! WOAH.

Enduring a Long-Distance Relationship and Planning a Wedding on My Own

You know how everyone gets so excited with the thought of an overseas job opportunity? I confess that I was one of those but I never thought it was such a double-edged sword. My fiancé has always wanted to work in Singapore. I guess it’s the new “American Dream.” When he got the call last July about a job opportunity in SG, he was beyond ecstatic. This means so many positive things not only for him but for us. The bottom-line was a hefty pay check, after all, how hard can it be? Singapore’s just an hour of plane ride away.

As the days went by, we realised that it really was kind of tough. You’ll never know unless you’re there. No one prepared us on how to cope up with the lonely nights and the simple fact of having one steady companion around. It was hard on my part but I knew it was harder for Gel. Thank God for mobile data, we were able to keep tabs on each other through Whatsapp and FaceTime. If I think about it, this set-up actually made us appreciate and love each other more. Absence made our hearts grow fonder instead of being out of sight, out of mind.

Since it’s wedding planning season, I also had to do most of the work myself. I am not complaining since he’s probably going to pay haha! Before he left, we’ve already crossed out a lot of the big items like Church, Reception Venue, Catering and Photographers so I was left with just the details. I know I thrive on these little things, as they say, the devil is in the details. It would have been fun to scour on suppliers, go on meetings with my husband to be but I had to do what a girl’s gotta do. Thank heavens I learned how to drive. I can’t imagine going to Silang, Cavite, our wedding venue, via bus!

2013, you have been a great one. I am excited what 2014 holds for me!

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