Fitness Gourmet PH: 1,200 Calorie Meal Delivery

Months before the wedding, I wasn’t shrinking to my highly-coveted size 0. Perhaps because I didn’t even try to watch what I eat but also because I was sedentary as a rock. A good friend of mine told me not to diet anymore since I will just magically shed the pounds. She says it’s God’s gift to all brides. Umasa ako. (I had my hopes up).

Two weeks before the Big Day, my cheeks are still too plump when I go sideways. I’m not really on the heavy side but if I don’t do my angles right, a double chin has the tendency to appear. And because a wedding day is filled with so many stolen shots, I had to do something!

Here comes Fitness Gourmet. It’s a 5-day healthy gourmet food delivered right at your doorstep. I want to lose weight but I didn’t want to stuff myself with veggies every single day. So when I saw the variety of their menu, it was perfect! 

What you get:

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 5 days

How much you pay:

P1,800 for 5 days + delivery fee(rate varies from Php 50 – 80 daily)

The food: 

I tried it for 2 weeks since I was in dire need to shape up pronto!

Classic Mediterranean Cuisine

Classic Mediterranean Cuisine

 Asian inspired menu from Filipino fusion dishes to Malay, Thai and Japanese Cuisine 

Asian inspired menu from Filipino fusion dishes to Malay, Thai and Japanese Cuisine

I was so surprised to see the nicely plated meals and was further amazed when I began trying it out. It was delicious! You know how dieting can sometimes be emotionally tormenting since you feel so kawawa (pitiful)? This one makes you feel that you’re eating yummy food but just in controlled portion. I can actually live eating like this!

February 26, Wednesday Meal

February 26, Wednesday Meal

February 28, Friday Meal

February 28, Friday Meal

Every meal is served with love. What I liked best were their pasta dishes. It seems it came from a legit pasta restaurant! I was also always so giddy to see what their surprise snack is and never did it disappoint. The only barrier for me to order again would have to be the price. You can already buy grocery for the whole family with P1,800. I’m thinking of just researching for low-calorie recipes and replicating at home to save on moolah. However, if you compare the price to eating outside thrice a day plus the effort of cooking, then it’s not that bad after all.

They also have other diet types like:

HCG 500 Calorie Meal – P2,800 for 7 days / 2 meals per day

Vegan Diet – P2,500 for 5 days

For more information, you can check them out on their Facebook Page.

Happy dieting! 


Honeymooners in Bali, Indonesia

2 days after our wedding, we found ourselves on board a plane for our honeymoon. Since most of the decisions involving our wedding were mine, I let my husband pick our honeymoon destination. He has always dreamed to stay in a luxury resort similar to that of the movie, The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. It was shot in Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and no way can we spend our honeymoon there. So we went for the next best thing, Bali, Indonesia. A colleague of his recommended this fancy resort called Ayana Resort and Spa and no way did it disappoint.

Ours was an early morning flight and with early, I mean 4am, ergo we had no sleep! This is us at the airport with our sleepy, groggy selves. Thanks to our designated driver, we didn’t have to find a cab to get us to Ayana. They provided one to pick us up!

Selamat Pagi, Bali!

       Selamat Pagi, Bali!


It was a 20-minute ride from Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport to Ayana which is located in Jimbaran. By the time we got there, I can feel my eyes dropping but no, wake up little Susie! This is your honeymoon! From the moment we alighted the car, we were greeted with the warmest smiles, adorned with orchid lei on our necks and given a refreshing guava juice . Wooh, very touristy!



I was beyond speechless when I saw the place. It was a perfect honeymoon venue. Props to my husband for choosing this! 

Inifinity Edged Pool. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

Inifinity Edged Pool. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

Ocean Beach Pool. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

Ocean Beach Pool. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

Rock Bar. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

Rock Bar. Photo from Ayana Resort Website

This is a 90-hectare resort so just staying inside and maximising all amenities can be quite a handful. Good thing there is a complimentary resort shuttle to take you around and enjoy everything that this cliff-top paradise has to offer. There are 15 restaurants and bars including the famous Rock Bar; a private beach; 11 swimming pools; world-class spa and a golf course.

We spent Day 1 inside Ayana Resort alone making sure we tried every pool and every view, plus their highly-coveted Rock Bar which is a destination on its own. 


         Where the sky and the sea meet


I bet you too can stay here forever!


Food and drinks can be served by the pool by their amazing staff.

Dining on the edge

                     Dining on the edge

Dynamite roll and fried to accompany us on a night of drinking.

Dynamite roll and fries to accompany us on a night of drinking.


It was a fun day made more special when we saw these in our room. They truly know what customer service is, not to mention they called us by our surnames every time we dine.

Aren't they the sweetest?

                   Aren’t they the sweetest?


Day 2 was all about the beach, the spa and a little bit of alone time. Teehee! 

The picturesque view of Kubu Beach

    The picturesque view of Kubu Beach


Kubu Beach is a private stretch of beach for Ayana and Rimba guests. Since this resort is perched on a cliff, one has to go down a long flight of stairs to reach the shore. Quite a hike at 197 steps but this is your only access to a beach so by all means, get walking. I’m a girl from the tropics so I’m used to beautiful beaches. The sand in Bali is nothing compared to our beaches in the Philippines but I don’t think it’s that bad as how some other tourists tell me. There are several cabanas for guests to lounge, they also serve complimentary water and one can order food from their picnic menu. 

After our Kubu Beach trip, we decided to get a massage. One cannot be in Bali and not try their Balinese massage, right? Since the massage in Ayana costs an arm and leg, we hired a cabbie to drive us to a nearby spa. So off we go to Kubu Bali Spa, around 10 minutes away from our resort. A body massage costs Rp 400,000, half of the cost in Ayana. We were asked to put on our robes and then came the best 60-minute massage I’ve ever had. It ended with a hot shower, a no-no if it’s a massage in the Philippines. Oh well, to each its own.


We also asked our cabbie to bring us to a seafood restaurant where we had a seafood feast costing us a million rupiah! Yikes! After which, we headed back to the hotel to rest a bit. When night time came, we decided to hit the jacuzzi to drink wine like real adults do. 🙂 This is a little jacuzzi near Ayana’s spa and it is a pretty secluded area so it was nice to have it all to ourself.

Because a honeymoon ain't complete without popping a bottle of wine.

Because a honeymoon ain’t complete without popping a bottle of wine.

We also visited the newly built Rimba Jimbaran to claim our complimentary drinks. Who are we to say no to free drinks? While Ayana was villas, Rimba was hotel rooms but it didn’t lack its share of luxury. Room rates are of course, cheaper but you get to have access to Ayana’s amenities. Quite a steal! So next time we visit, I’ll definitely try this place. By dinner time, we were too tired to eat outside so we opted to get room service and snooze early. 

Rimba Lobby. Photo from RImba website.

Rimba Lobby. Photo from Rimba website.

The following day, it was time to say adieu to this place that became our little home for 3 days. It was quite a lavish one at Php15,000 or USD300+ per night but for an amazing resort with an equally amazing staff, I feel that it’s definitely worth it! We’ll never forget the great experience we had here and if you are looking for a honeymoon destination, I’d recommend this place. 🙂

Terima kasih, Bali!