Fitness Gourmet PH: 1,200 Calorie Meal Delivery

Months before the wedding, I wasn’t shrinking to my highly-coveted size 0. Perhaps because I didn’t even try to watch what I eat but also because I was sedentary as a rock. A good friend of mine told me not to diet anymore since I will just magically shed the pounds. She says it’s God’s gift to all brides. Umasa ako. (I had my hopes up).

Two weeks before the Big Day, my cheeks are still too plump when I go sideways. I’m not really on the heavy side but if I don’t do my angles right, a double chin has the tendency to appear. And because a wedding day is filled with so many stolen shots, I had to do something!

Here comes Fitness Gourmet. It’s a 5-day healthy gourmet food delivered right at your doorstep. I want to lose weight but I didn’t want to stuff myself with veggies every single day. So when I saw the variety of their menu, it was perfect! 

What you get:

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 5 days

How much you pay:

P1,800 for 5 days + delivery fee(rate varies from Php 50 – 80 daily)

The food: 

I tried it for 2 weeks since I was in dire need to shape up pronto!

Classic Mediterranean Cuisine

Classic Mediterranean Cuisine

 Asian inspired menu from Filipino fusion dishes to Malay, Thai and Japanese Cuisine 

Asian inspired menu from Filipino fusion dishes to Malay, Thai and Japanese Cuisine

I was so surprised to see the nicely plated meals and was further amazed when I began trying it out. It was delicious! You know how dieting can sometimes be emotionally tormenting since you feel so kawawa (pitiful)? This one makes you feel that you’re eating yummy food but just in controlled portion. I can actually live eating like this!

February 26, Wednesday Meal

February 26, Wednesday Meal

February 28, Friday Meal

February 28, Friday Meal

Every meal is served with love. What I liked best were their pasta dishes. It seems it came from a legit pasta restaurant! I was also always so giddy to see what their surprise snack is and never did it disappoint. The only barrier for me to order again would have to be the price. You can already buy grocery for the whole family with P1,800. I’m thinking of just researching for low-calorie recipes and replicating at home to save on moolah. However, if you compare the price to eating outside thrice a day plus the effort of cooking, then it’s not that bad after all.

They also have other diet types like:

HCG 500 Calorie Meal – P2,800 for 7 days / 2 meals per day

Vegan Diet – P2,500 for 5 days

For more information, you can check them out on their Facebook Page.

Happy dieting! 


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