Domestikits 101

I don’t know how moms do it. To be so caring, so thoughtful, so quick to address the needs of others day in, day out for the rest of their lives? How?

Drum roll! A few days from now, I’ll be celebrating the monthsary of my short but sweet stint as a full-pledged housewife. Never thought it would be possible but I survived this seemingly daunting task of being a domestic diva.


Thank you to the world wide web. What will we do without you?

From the first time I got hold of that knife to cut vegetables and cook sinigang with a lot of help from the internet, the days that followed felt like a breeze. One dish led to another and now I feel like I can do anything! Haha! Kidding!

Of course sometimes sweeping the floor, doing the laundry can still be such a drag but you’ll be amazed how your system can cope up so fast that soon enough, chores become like clockwork.


My hatest chore: folding and sorting the clothes

There are days when I feel like WTF am I doing here? But definitely, the days when I am thankful to the Lord that I get to have this break outnumber those little bursts of boredom and insanity. Hmmm… If I think about it, I don’t really get bored haha! Still got my hands full and it’s not as if I just sit around the whole day ‘cause I have to make sure the house is clean and there’s food to feed the working husband.

Though it seems easy (and fun), I am still in awe how wives/mothers do it like it’s second nature to them. I only have Gel who’s a fully functional adult who I can ask to fry the spring rolls if I feel like it. I’m not even forced to wake up in the morning to prepare his breakfast because the night owl in me just won’t let me. Still a long way to go before I can be a Martha Stewart but I guess I’m off to a good start, right? 🙂


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