Bum Days in the Park

It’s been a month since I packed my bags and stayed here in Singapore to join my husband. He is homesick like a puppy while I am having the time of my life! Haha what an irony. I guess it’s because he’s brushing with real life – work and the pressure of a one-income household in the world’s most expensive city while I am living a dreamy Betty Crocker one. Not in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that there will be days like this. A far cry from how my days were before of deadlines, meetings, brainstorming and presentation decks. This is my zen. This is actually me stopping to smell the roses.

From where I stand

From where I stand

My favorite place to chill is at Bedok Reservoir which is a leisurely 2-minute walk from our place. The shoreline where a jogging path lies is a 4.3km stretch. Its gravel pathway makes it a preferred spot for runners. I am no Sporty Spice but I actually found it better. Seems like you’re bouncing versus the hard thug of running on concrete pavements.  Imagine me running (or shall I say walking) on this path? Kids playing around, dogs being walked and adults flying their RC planes are normal sights here. That’s why I can probably stay here for an hour and just go people-watching.

4.3 kilometers for a sedentary like me? WOAH.

4.3 kilometers for a sedentary like me? WOAH.

Bedok Reservoir is also a venue to water sports activities like wakeboarding, sailing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Too bad, I wasn’t able to try any since I, the domestic diva, need to cook and feed the husband. Oftentimes, I’d pass by here on my way to do the grocery at the nearby Sheng Shiong. During late afternoons, I see a lot of guys fishing and it’s surprising that they can catch fish! I was just too shy to interview them but I wanted to!

Gone fishing

Gone fishing

The view of the reservoir reaching the sky is quite a relaxing one. Water really has a calming effect. However, when I tell my SG-based friends that I love hanging out here, they get shocked. The stigma of this place is far from the rainbows and butterflies it is to me. Apparently, this place has been a site of numerous suicides both successful and failed attempts. There’s also a story of a floating body found at the reservoir causing alarm for nearby residents about the quality of their water. Apart from these, the spooky stories are quite prevalent too. Yet, I still treat this as a beautiful place because, look. It really is.

Small stage in a cosmic arena

Small stage in a cosmic arena

There's always a lifeline if you need help.

There’s always a lifeline if you need help.


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