How about a furry baby for now?

I bet my two cents that every married couple probably hears this from people around them: “When will you have a baby?” I wish my magic ball can tell me, but really, I am no oracle to know for sure.

I can start this piece by saying all sorts of things on why this is one topic you should stop asking couples but that deserves another post. Since the stork has not paid us a visit just yet, how about a furry baby for now?

World, please meet Lui. Our not so baby 2-year old Pomeranian.


We got him out of impulse. It was just an ordinary day that ended extraordinarily. We accompanied our friends to pick up their son from their in-laws and the next thing I know, I was carrying a friendly, fuzzy, four-legged doggie!

I’ve loved dogs ever since I can remember while my husband grew up with a strong fear of dogs. Deal-breaker! Hahaha! However, I had a Pomeranian before who was the only dog he could touch. I was surprised that he was the one who pushed for us to buy a new Pom. Even if it was out of impulse, how can I say no to this tiny ball of cuteness?

I am happy to say that 2 weeks down the line, my husband still wakes up at 7 in the morning to make sure Lui goes out to poop. He still monitors if Lui gets fed on time and if his water bottle is still full. Although he was adamant to buy clothes and socks for Lui, I convinced him with my persistence and eventually, he gave in and found it cute. Yay!

Maybe in God’s time the bun will be cooked in the oven, but for the meantime, our furry baby will do.




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