Life with a Dog?

Being in the advertising industry, I’ve been frequently asked which ad I liked best. I would always name the “Priceless” campaign of Mastercard as my favorite one. As marketers, there are ideas that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s so simple yet so beautiful, so human and so true. This is the case for the “Priceless” campaign. 

The spot starts by showing various things with a corresponding price tag. Then it builds up to a priceless oftentimes tear-jerking moment and ends with the succinctly put tagline: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” I think the beauty of it comes from the fact that the idea resonates to all. Even if money makes the world go round, money can’t buy everything. We all live for priceless moments. 

The Priceless ad that stuck to me most was “Life with a Dog” which involves all the things a dog can destroy – a couch, carpet, etc and it ends with a happy dog giddily welcoming its owner. That is your priceless moment. I cannot find the spot on Youtube, too bad. However, this same thing happened to me yesterday when I woke up to this:



Why me?


Beyond repair

Lui ripped my slippers apart. I was dumbfounded since my husband’s slippers were beside mine. Why me? Then my husband and I cracked a theory on what happened. 

I’ve read somewhere that when you want to discipline a child with spanking, use an item instead of your hand. Something, whether a stick or a slipper, will equate to discipline while your hands should mean love. I shared this with my husband. I guess since we are parents in training (in the absence of a baby bun), we applied this on Lui. Since my slippers would oftentimes be the most accessible item to me, it was my weapon of choice haha! 

Last night, Lui peed on a bag and a carpet. My knee-jerk reaction was to spank, of course it wasn’t a hard one, just a little tap so he knows he did something wrong. I used my slipper and spanked him not once, but twice. Now we’re thinking that maybe, my little doggie connected the spanking to my slipper so he ripped it apart. I don’t know if I’ll be mad because I have to get myself a new pair or be amazed because I think we have a smart (more of cunning) little boy?

That Havaianas slippers he tore apart? P1,000

Life with a Dog? Priceless.

How can you stay mad for so long?

How can you stay mad for so long? You can’t.

Here’s a copy of another “Priceless” Mastercard ad featuring a dog (yes, I am a sucker for our canine friends) on Youtube. Cute spot too! 🙂



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