You, Yes You!

Hello Dream Reader,

I am glad that you are here. You see, I am having a hard time going back to my extrovert self and have resorted to be a virtual extrovert instead. I wasn’t always like this. Making friends was second nature but I don’t know, growing up probably happened. It’s now difficult and socially awkward for me to open up to people I’ve just met. So enough about me, let’s talk about you.

You probably are a reader, if not, you wouldn’t waste time to actually go through my 2 minutes of nonsensical non-sense. I like that about you. No matter what genre, what medium, what form is okay. It widens our perspective as a person. More than a reader, I think it’s you being always thirsty for knowledge.

Are you a writer? Most certainly, because probably you’re doing this assignment with me too. Your pen (or in this case, your keyboard) is your friend. No need to be a pro, I for one am not. We can both benefit with a feedback system, right pal? Let me know if I used that preposition correctly. I suck at prepositions (or is that supposed to be with?).

Perhaps you’re a dreamer? Do you often get lost in your thoughts? It’s a good place to be lost, just remember you are not Marty McFly so you better go back to reality from time to time.

How about an optimist? Do you try to see the good in the bad? The world can be crazy at times but nothing like always hoping for the best, right?

Do you have a good sense of humor? Do you like dogs? Do you enjoy eating good food? Do you like adventures?

If you answered mostly YES to the questions above, then we definitely are virtual pals. You are my kind of reader. Thanks for dropping by!


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