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Life with a Dog?

Being in the advertising industry, I’ve been frequently asked which ad I liked best. I would always name the “Priceless” campaign of Mastercard as my favorite one. As marketers, there are ideas that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s so simple yet so beautiful, so human and so true. This is the case for the “Priceless” campaign. 

The spot starts by showing various things with a corresponding price tag. Then it builds up to a priceless oftentimes tear-jerking moment and ends with the succinctly put tagline: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” I think the beauty of it comes from the fact that the idea resonates to all. Even if money makes the world go round, money can’t buy everything. We all live for priceless moments. 

The Priceless ad that stuck to me most was “Life with a Dog” which involves all the things a dog can destroy – a couch, carpet, etc and it ends with a happy dog giddily welcoming its owner. That is your priceless moment. I cannot find the spot on Youtube, too bad. However, this same thing happened to me yesterday when I woke up to this:



Why me?


Beyond repair

Lui ripped my slippers apart. I was dumbfounded since my husband’s slippers were beside mine. Why me? Then my husband and I cracked a theory on what happened. 

I’ve read somewhere that when you want to discipline a child with spanking, use an item instead of your hand. Something, whether a stick or a slipper, will equate to discipline while your hands should mean love. I shared this with my husband. I guess since we are parents in training (in the absence of a baby bun), we applied this on Lui. Since my slippers would oftentimes be the most accessible item to me, it was my weapon of choice haha! 

Last night, Lui peed on a bag and a carpet. My knee-jerk reaction was to spank, of course it wasn’t a hard one, just a little tap so he knows he did something wrong. I used my slipper and spanked him not once, but twice. Now we’re thinking that maybe, my little doggie connected the spanking to my slipper so he ripped it apart. I don’t know if I’ll be mad because I have to get myself a new pair or be amazed because I think we have a smart (more of cunning) little boy?

That Havaianas slippers he tore apart? P1,000

Life with a Dog? Priceless.

How can you stay mad for so long?

How can you stay mad for so long? You can’t.

Here’s a copy of another “Priceless” Mastercard ad featuring a dog (yes, I am a sucker for our canine friends) on Youtube. Cute spot too! 🙂


How about a furry baby for now?

I bet my two cents that every married couple probably hears this from people around them: “When will you have a baby?” I wish my magic ball can tell me, but really, I am no oracle to know for sure.

I can start this piece by saying all sorts of things on why this is one topic you should stop asking couples but that deserves another post. Since the stork has not paid us a visit just yet, how about a furry baby for now?

World, please meet Lui. Our not so baby 2-year old Pomeranian.


We got him out of impulse. It was just an ordinary day that ended extraordinarily. We accompanied our friends to pick up their son from their in-laws and the next thing I know, I was carrying a friendly, fuzzy, four-legged doggie!

I’ve loved dogs ever since I can remember while my husband grew up with a strong fear of dogs. Deal-breaker! Hahaha! However, I had a Pomeranian before who was the only dog he could touch. I was surprised that he was the one who pushed for us to buy a new Pom. Even if it was out of impulse, how can I say no to this tiny ball of cuteness?

I am happy to say that 2 weeks down the line, my husband still wakes up at 7 in the morning to make sure Lui goes out to poop. He still monitors if Lui gets fed on time and if his water bottle is still full. Although he was adamant to buy clothes and socks for Lui, I convinced him with my persistence and eventually, he gave in and found it cute. Yay!

Maybe in God’s time the bun will be cooked in the oven, but for the meantime, our furry baby will do.



Like a Sir: Buying our First “Family” Car

Back in 2007, I couldn’t quite figure out how the fresh grad turned Makati ad-woman from Bulacan will afford buying a car. My salary then just won’t fit plus there’s still everyday survival I needed money for. Owning a car, let alone a brand new car, was a dream locked in a faraway land.

During our dating period, Gel had a second hand car which he paid on his own considering his teenie-weenie salary back then. (So proud of you, babe!) Eventually, we ended up buying a conjugal second hand car from where I learned to drive and go places!

Fast forward to now, I feel so giddy knowing that this time around, this adult can. This dream is reachable of course, with the help of BPI Family Auto Loan. 🙂

I am a first timer when it comes to loans so I didn’t really have a clue on how to go about it. I didn’t know it was this easy! Here’s a rundown of qualifications and requirements to help you out if you are interested to avail of an auto loan:

1. Filipino between 21 to 65 years old

2. Total monthy family income of at least Php 30,000.00

1. If employed
– 2 valid IDs
– Certificate of Employment with Compensation
– Income Tax Return
2. If self-employed
– Business Registration
– Income Tax Return
3. Cash on hand for downpayment which is at least 20-30% of the value of the car you will be purchasing.
4. Application Form
5. If married, both spouses to sign on the application form.

Note that the minimum loanable amount is P200,000 with terms ranging from 1-6 years. My tip is to make the downpayment bigger and the term shorter for you to get the least interest rate and most value for your money.

Approval is really quick! We got ours on the day we submitted our documents. Now that’s efficient. If your preferred car is available, you can get your car the in a day or two! 

This is kind of a big deal for us since this is our next big ticket purchase after the wedding expenses. It’s also something I’m really proud of because it came from our own blood, sweat and tears. High five, husband!


This year, our baby didn’t come in swaddling clothes but in leather seats. Who knows what next year holds?

Domestikits 101

I don’t know how moms do it. To be so caring, so thoughtful, so quick to address the needs of others day in, day out for the rest of their lives? How?

Drum roll! A few days from now, I’ll be celebrating the monthsary of my short but sweet stint as a full-pledged housewife. Never thought it would be possible but I survived this seemingly daunting task of being a domestic diva.


Thank you to the world wide web. What will we do without you?

From the first time I got hold of that knife to cut vegetables and cook sinigang with a lot of help from the internet, the days that followed felt like a breeze. One dish led to another and now I feel like I can do anything! Haha! Kidding!

Of course sometimes sweeping the floor, doing the laundry can still be such a drag but you’ll be amazed how your system can cope up so fast that soon enough, chores become like clockwork.


My hatest chore: folding and sorting the clothes

There are days when I feel like WTF am I doing here? But definitely, the days when I am thankful to the Lord that I get to have this break outnumber those little bursts of boredom and insanity. Hmmm… If I think about it, I don’t really get bored haha! Still got my hands full and it’s not as if I just sit around the whole day ‘cause I have to make sure the house is clean and there’s food to feed the working husband.

Though it seems easy (and fun), I am still in awe how wives/mothers do it like it’s second nature to them. I only have Gel who’s a fully functional adult who I can ask to fry the spring rolls if I feel like it. I’m not even forced to wake up in the morning to prepare his breakfast because the night owl in me just won’t let me. Still a long way to go before I can be a Martha Stewart but I guess I’m off to a good start, right? 🙂

Daddy, I miss you

It’s been 9 days since my dad passed away. 

The days from that Sunday morning to today still seem like a blur. There are moments when I still wish to wake up from this dream but no matter how hard I pinch myself, there’s no waking up and the more it rubs in that this is the reality I’m stuck in. That my daddy’s gone. 

I can still hear his voice. The images of him are still vivid in my head. Before time makes these things vague, I’ll try to write it down in hope that these words breathe into life the memories of my father. 


My dad.

You know what they say about fathers, they are our first superheroes.

My dad had a very flexible work schedule which allowed him to spend a lot of time with us when we were young. I remember even asking what he really does for a living because he gets out of the house at around 9 in the morning and comes back after lunch. Apparently, one of the perks of being in sales!

There was a time I thought my dad was a doctor. We had boxes of medicines, prescription pads, tongue pressers piled in our house (because he was a medical representative). Plus the fact that when I get sick, I don’t remember a time when my dad wasn’t there to take care of me. From sponge bath, drinking meds, regularly checking my temperature to emptying my rubber ducky potty – my dad was hands on.

When I threw my wildest tantrum in kindergarten and bit my teacher’s skirt, I remember him picking me up from my older brother’s classroom. Not a spank. Not a word. To think I wasted a year’s tuition fee all because I was ‘emotionally unprepared for school.’ Sorry dad 🙂

All my PTA meetings in school were attended by my dad. He also picked up my report cards, attended recognition days and made sure I had a parent in tow on important events like these. 

As a teenager, I was all over the place and with this were my constant – ‘Dad, pahatid.’ or ‘Dad, pa-load?’ and my favorite ‘Dad, pahingi P100.’ He never complained. He was always ready to give.

When I was growing up, though my parents were never the strict type, I felt my father was the strictest with me. To this, my mom would probably agree. He would send me text messages or call me late at night which he never did with my siblings. I never got the chance to ask my dad why, perhaps I’d even tease him that maybe it’s because I’m the most precious one 🙂

Looking at all these and all the many other things in retrospect, I can say that my dad was really something. 

I wish I can be as patient as my dad. He was always calm, cool and collected. I’ve never seen him lose it and with this, I am in awe.

He was a man of few words but when he speaks, I know it had a lot of sense. All the more that I believe what Plato said, ‘Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.’ 

I wish to have his wisdom because I seem to adopt this from him —- his love for knowledge and his knack for words.

True to what my mommy said, ‘sa daddy mo, walang masamang tinapay.’ I’ve never heard my dad bad mouth anyone. To him, any wrongdoing is water under the bridge. I guess this is the reason why he seemed to live life without any baggage.

I hope my happiness can be as simple as his. My dad never asked for anything grand. He was extremely delighted whenever I came home with peanuts. It’s the last pasalubong I gave him before he passed away. 

His parenting style is something I want to emulate. Not too loose, not to strict, just right. You have enough freedom to let you be the person you want to be but knowing that when the road gets a little bumpy, your parents got your back.

Dad, I’ll miss you. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop missing you but I know, I have to let you go. For you, for me, for mom, for us.

I wish you stayed a little longer because I can already see our dreams slowly coming true. I may have never told you but I wrote in my time capsule that I’ll buy you a car, I’ll travel with you and mommy, I’ll buy you a house. I can already see these things coming and I guess this is what pains me so much. Feeling that i’ve failed to make these things true for you. 😦  

Dad, who will be my handyman who can fix things inside the house? Who will cook my favorite bagoong? Who will I call when there’s a scary insect inside my room?

Dad, who’s going to walk me down the aisle now? 

I love you. I miss you. Thank you for everything daddy.