Reason for living

Do we live for money? Do we live for fame? Do we live to have dominion over other people’s lair? Do we live for someone? Or simply, do we live for God’s goodness?

Living at this time of modernity and commercialism, it’s so easy for us to be motivated by the wrong reasons. With a society that measures one’s success by his paycheck and investments, one can gear towards a somber path. 

That’s why it’s really important to stop and ask, what do I live for?

The hard fact is that, we all need money to live. Sadly, others live for money.

We all want to get attention and for the world to fall on our feet, but this is entirely fleeting. The world doesn’t turn for one person, we all have our 15-minutes of fame. 

Do we live for one person? What if that person (knock on wood) dies, does our existence become moot and academic? 

Then I think it’s valid that we make our lives central to one.

To something eternal.

To someone whose effect can multiply by a hundredfold.

To the Alpha and the Omega.

To the One who we owe it all.

Simply, to live for God and everything good will follow.