Be with someone special

Yes, because you are too 🙂

30 and Thriving

Be with someone who reads, he knows magic, unicorns and ever afters.

Be with someone who loves art, he appreciates beauty and the passion that comes with it.

Be with someone who writes, his imagination is infinite.

Be with someone who?s optimistic about life, tomorrow promises more joys than today.

Be with someone who notices the details, he will memorize every crease on your face, the color of your eyes and your wonderful scent.

Be with someone who knows how to laugh, nothing will ever be too complex.

Be with someone who listens, he values that your opinions are equal to his.

Be with someone who expresses, he is confident in his actions and will stand up for you.

Be with someone who says sorry, he is man enough to admit he is not perfect.

Be with someone who treats his mother politely, it mirrors how he is going to…

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Obviously, I’m dreaming.

Today I wished I was a princess.

So I could just go and ride ponies, sashay in gowns and put on velvet gloves.

I wouldn’t have to care about deadlines, clearances and call reports.

My to do’s will be a list of – cut ribbons for world saving causes, help the poor, build a school.

Calls won’t be from clients, suppliers and the likes,

since I’d be busy having chit chats with my blue-blooded family, heads of state and other notable honchos.

My days will all be regal, good bye to the mundane.

Ah, the world just looks prettier through my rose colored lens.


Obviously, I’m dreaming.

Back to regular programming. 🙂