Celebrating our Happy First in Macau-HK

March 15, 2014 | The start of something new

March 15, 2014 | The start of something new

Celebrating our 1st year anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. San Miguel, yehey! Time indeed flies when you are having fun! A year ago when we were 10 lbs. lighter, Gel and I got married and my world has dramatically changed. I am praying and hoping that like wine, we will get better with age.

Happy anniversary to us Gel! You continue to make my world exciting in ways I cannot imagine possible. You are the crazy to my chill, the OA to my NR, the extrovert to my introvert, the competitive to my steady. I can name so much more but like what you always say, we complement each other perfectly. I love you my forever partner and ever so responsible husband! Thank you for loving me the best way you can. *ants, ants*

Now, on to my post… 🙂

We made our anniversary more fun with an out of the country trip we’ve been cooking since December. Apart from a vacation and opportunity to be with Gel, it was also a much needed break from all the hullabaloo that is work. Ohhh, how we wish to just get away on a whim. This is actually a 5-day trip wherein we landed in Macau and exited through Hong Kong. I’ll share with you what we did in these 2 places but do note that as travellers, we aren’t really the type who runs from one attraction to the next. We actually like taking our own sweet time and explore the streets, to the point of going off-grid from famous landmarks. So yes, let me write that soon on the blog.